Monday, January 19, 2009

Poll Results: Are you a Deathtard?

Nearly half of y'all owned up to being a Deathtard once or twice. I can only imagine the 30% who claim they have never been a deathtard are reading my blog since they like me. They obviously haven't played a Death Knight yet!!

Me, I fall into the bracket, More than I care to Admit.

Let's face it, this is a new class and all of us are still learning the nuances.

Nuances such as when is a good time for Army of the Dead. AotD doesn't taunt raid bosses but when I asked whether to drop it on Maxxena the other night I was told emphatically no by the raid leader. Rather than debate the issue then and there, I didn't summon the army even though its a great dps boost, especially at the enrage.

I've played every class to 60 and in my opinion our rotations are the most complicated, save an Affliction Warlocks. While a lock does have to manage several dots with different durations, they only have one resource to deal with, mana, OK lifetapping for health too. DK's have 4 different rune types and runic power with cooldowns on various abilities.

We are complicated. We can't just stand infront of a mob and hit the same two buttons over and over and be successful.

Because we are complicated we are prone to mistakes.

What makes a Deathtard is the complete lack of awareness of bad play and the unwillingness to improve.

Example, the first time I saw Thaddius I ran the wrong way when the my charge changed. I lived but a lot of people didn't. However, I learned my lesson and didn't do that again.

First thing I do when I zone into an instance after a wipe is make sure I'm in the correct presence. Early on there were too many times I stayed frost while DPS and grabbed aggro. There are other times I was in blood and wondered why I couldn't maintain aggro.

At the end of the day, mistakes happen. If you learn from them and move on don't worry. If you continue to make them over and over you sir are a Deathtard. Kindly Alt-F4 out of the run, and reroll another class.

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