Monday, January 5, 2009

Poll Results: DK Progression

An interesting phenomenon occurred in my poll. No one selected one of the options.

Specifically, everyone who was 80 was already in Heroics and Raids. No Dingers running regular content.

This is a big departure from BC when you hit 70 and probably had difficulty in Shattered Halls right out of the gate. The removal of barriers to entry into heroics has made it possible and acceptable for any 80 to go.

I'd recommend you don't. Not until you are ready.

First, know how to play a DK in a 5-man or raid. Don't be a Deathtard.

Second, run some regular 5 mans for some gear. Yes there are lots of good quest blues, but the 5man drops and rep rewards you can get will go a long way to pumping up your gear.

Third, if you plan to tank learn how and make sure you can take a hit or two.

Finally, take pride in your toon and show some dedication.

Do these four things and you will rock your Heroics.

I'll be getting a new poll up soon and as always feel free to comment on any post or send me an email.

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