Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poll Results: Tanking Talent Test

The results are in and most the class passed. The former professor in me knew that if I only included tanking talents it would trick some of you into the wrong answer.

Which talent is a must have for tanks?
a) mark of blood
b) lichborne
c) anticpation
d) bone shield

Had I included e) all of the above I would have expected a lot of people to answer that as well.

The correct answer is C) anticipation. Anticipation is one of the three tier 1 talents that all Death Knight tanks must have. This one specifically increases your dodge by 5%.

The other two must have talents are Blade Barrier, which provides 10% parry, and Toughness which gives a solid armor boost for more mitigation.

Mark of blood, lichborne, and bone shield are all solid tanking talents and any death knight tank should have at least one of them.

I am testing a new unholy tank/dps spec tonight in Naxx10 and will do a full write up combining my learnings from tonight, the last month or so, and patch 3.08 notes.

I think I'll get another test question up soon, make sure you're paying attention to my ramblings :)

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