Tuesday, January 20, 2009

QQ Moar Patch 3.08 is here

I'm not here to QQ about the patch. In fact I believe the sky is not falling. There appear to be some other changes that weren't in the notes that I linked earlier.

That said I'm not going to talk about all the changes in the patch for our class again. I'm sure WoW Insider, MMO-Champion, and the others will go into those details. I'm going to talk about what that means for us, the DK who wants to tank/dps heroics and raids but isn't a pure min/maxer.

Do you have you're guide to the galaxy? Read what's on the front.


We will still be a kick ass class. We should be better tanks and within a few days there will be a new killer DPS spec that will pick up where 32/39 left off. Trust me.

We may lose a few DK's back to other classes, but quite honestly if this patch forces people to change classes they probably weren't playing a DK because they enjoyed it, they just wanted to be part of the crowd.

There is still some debate on the new tanking sigil and runeforge enchant and as live testing commences we will start to see a consensus on them. That said, if you want to tank heroics and need these to get defense capped by all means go get them. A dead tank sucks at holding aggro.

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