Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raid Consumables DK Style

Face it, if you're guild is not topping your server and dropping Sarth 3D on a regular basis, you can use some help in the stats department while raiding, and possibly in Heroics.

Most of the following will apply to both Tanking and DPS so if you can find a good supplier for one just stock up and you'll be good.

I'll break this down into Battle Elixirs, Guardian Elixirs, Flasks, Food, and Others.

Battle Elixirs

Elixir of Mighty Strength - This is the premier battle elixir for Deathknights. At 50 strength this will dramatically increase your, and your ghouls, DPS and your TPS while tanking. Even better this will scale with Blessing of Kings. This should be your default choice.

Elixir of Accuracy - If you are seriously hurting for hit take this elixir over the mighty strength. At 45 hit this will ensure you land more blows on the bosses which will increase your DPS and TPS more effectively until you are close enough to the hit cap that this will put you over.

Guardian Elixirs

Elixir of Mighty Fortitude - Whether Tanking or providing DPS this guardian elixir will take some pressure off your healers. It increases your over all health by 350 and returns 20 hp5 to you. The hp5 will really help with splash damage as DPS and will reduce mana taxation while tanking. Like Mighty Strength, this should be your first choice for guardian elixirs.

Elixir of Protection - If you are DPS don't bother with this one. If you are tanking and undergeared this might be worth looking at. 800 armor is nothing to sneeze at, but with the buff to Frost Presence this is probably not going to provide as much value as Mighty Fort. But if you absolutely need the extra mitigation on melee heavy tank jobs, this is the way to go.

Elixir of Mighty Defense - Ideally you are defense capped without Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle or Sigil of the Unfaltering Knight. But if you aren't and the 45 defense rating this elixir provides gets you over the 689 defense rating threshold use this. Don't ask, just do it. Then go out and put swordshattering on your weapon and smash some faces. DPS don't try this one at home.


Flask of Endless Rage - If you are on a progression raid night and know you will be wiping a lot, quaf one of these and enjoy its 180 AP increase. From a DPS and TPS perspective this better than the elixir of Mighty Strength. If you are DPS and don't have to worry about AOE damage because you have great AOE heals in your raid go ahead and use this full time. If you are tanking, make sure you don't need the buffs from the guardian elixirs first.

Flask of Stoneblood - Very few fights will you absolutely need the 650 health this gives you. That said, as a tank on progression runs where you expect to wipe a lot this will be preferred over the Elixir of Mighty Fortitude.


Dragonfin Filet - Mmmmmm, Yummy. 40 Strength and 40 Stamina good for Tanks and DPS alike. As with all things Death Knight, Str > 2 AP due to scaling which makes this the first choice in food buffs.

Snapper Extreme - Like the Elixir of Accuracy this food buffs your hit rating, 40 hit to be exact. It also tosses in the obligatory 40 Stamina. If you aren't hit capped this is a good choice.

Worg Tartare - Provides the exact same buffs as Snapper Extreme. Which one you use doesn't matter.

Mega Mammoth Meal - Chances are your favorite chef will drop one of these and with 80 AP and 40 stamina you won't go wrong by pulling up a chair and chowing down.


In the event your raid or heroic does not have a priest, you can use Scroll of Stamina VIII to replicate the 132 base stamina that their buff provides. Don't bother with the Strength or Agility versions since your Horn of Winter will overwrite them.

All that's left are the BC Weight and Sharpening Stones. While they will increase your DPS and TPS a little they probably aren't worth the effort to go back and farm. If you can't drop the boss with all of the above, you probably won't with these either.

EDIT-- thanks to Wheresmydrink for reminding me the sharpening and weight stones don't work in wrath anyway.


  1. I was under the impression that sharpening & weight stones from BC didn't work in Wrath. Did this change?

  2. No you're right. I will edit accordingly.

  3. Hey Omenscourge, just a quick question:

    I'm a bit bored in WoW right now (had my share of tanking heroic dungeons, not quite in Naxx yet from lack of time) and was thinking it's time to level my professions. I know you took inscription for those shoulder enchants but how about a break-down of all the available professions and what perks they come with for us DK's?