Friday, January 2, 2009

Sartharion Down

Good night to be a Death Knight. I walked away with 4 Emblems of Valor and a new found respect for Blood Tanks. Yes I said BLOOD TANK. The main tank was not only a Death Knight, but here is his Blood spec.

Note that he has all 3 standard mitigation talents, he also has morbitity for shorter Death and Decay cooldowns, as well as Epidemic for longer lasting diseases. To be fair he is also one of the best geared DK tanks I have seen.

I used to be a part of this guild so when I opted in and learned the MT was blood I didn't worry at all because I also knew him when he tanked T5/6 as a Pally and I trusted him them.

Fights like these make me wish I had night of the dead because the blast wave kept killing my Ghoul which gimped my DPS. But until dual specs come out I'll have to live without it. The Gargoyle sure was nice to have and I was able to pop him twice on the fight. I'd use blood fury racial and wait for a fallen crusader proc to pop him since the AP buffs at the time of summoning increase its DPS for its entire existence.

And yes that's my escalated ticket in the upper right to fix my dumb mistake. The priest says don't worry but to me its a matter of principal.

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