Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Single Target Damage Breakdown

The recount shown above was from the Heroic Sarth kill I DPSed last weekend. I was on Sarth the whole time I did not try to provide AOE assistance on the adds since we had plenty of mages and locks.

Even with a Big Two Hander, ordinary melee came out on top. I burned my runes as fast as they'd pair up for a scourge strike and stayed under 100 RP as much as I could.

What catches my eye in this report is Necrosis kicked out 5.8% of my output and I only had 4 points in it. What you don't see is the 3.5% of damage blood caked blade caused for me fully talented. This indicates that Necrosis is now providing more bang for your talent point buck than BCB post 3.08.

Also not seen here, is my DoT uptime was 74%. It should have been 100%, or very nearly there. I got lazy and relied on my glpyh of Scourge Strike since I only used Icy Touch and Plague Strike 4 times. I think I will need to adjust my addons a little to make the debuff icons more apparent so I don't miss them falling off as much.

Wandering Plague contributed a nice bit of damage to all the mobs running around me even though I did not intend on hitting them. A nice little side effect. Had I tossed a few pestilences my overall DPS would have shot up a few hundred points.

Take aways, between Necrosis and BCB get the former. Make sure you keep your diseases up. And free AOE attacks are good.

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