Monday, January 12, 2009

Taking Loken Down in Style

After suffering 2500ms all day Saturday I actually had playable lag yesterday. The better half had a lot of shopping to do, so I had some time to play.

Three Heroics, tanked two, and DPS'd the third all as guild runs. Yay.

Knocking out UK for the daily was pretty easy as was Nexus. To end the day I talked everyone into Halls of Lightning because I want a new Axe to play with.

Now I've heard the horror stories of this place on Heroic. We all have. One of our Prot Warriors wanted to come so that meant I'd DPS. Sure no problem.

So we had a Prot Warrior, Combat Rogue, Elemental Shaman, Unholy DK, and Holy Pally. Early trash goes fine. First boss drops no problem.

On the elemental gauntlet on the way to Volkhan, I topped 4000 DPS and lol'd. We dropped Volkhan so fast we got an achievement for it.

Ionar, Cake.

The little spinning dwarves, chewed up my ghoul but that was about it.

That leaves Loken. At one time the baddest Heroic in the game.

If you use a gargolye to help DPS, don't bother. He dies inside of 10 seconds.

Bastard dropped so fast he didn't know what hit him.

And I didn't get my Axe. Though I did pick up the Planetary Helm which is a DPS upgrade over the helm I was using for tanking and dps. I needed the hit so it's all good. We can farm this guy.


  1. That is very awesome. I just did Loken on regular yesterday for the first time, and I was impressed with how challenging the 'distance equals pain" mechanic is for ranged healing and squishies.

    Definitely a solid achievement, grats!

  2. Aye, I think the entire group was thrilled that we were able to beat the baddest of the Heroic bosses that night. My only question is when are we going after him again, LoL.

  3. Simple Nek, next time all 5 of us are online with an hour to kill.