Thursday, January 22, 2009

Threat Issues?, Not so Sure

I've been hearing we are having some threat issues from various forum reports.

To the right you will see the damage done and damage taken from a Heroic CoT run last night. These are the overall numbers and individual bosses usually had my damage lower than everyone else.

Needless to say, when the tank takes 72% of all damage in the run, and I didn't try to pick up the little zombies, I think it's safe to say I did not have any issues holding threat.

However, I did feel that both my AOE and single target
were off. Had I had DPS in the 3k range I would have had more issues. But that is just a gut feel that I can't put a finger on.

It could be due to the change in runestrikes damage. I know it is supposed to have a 1.5 threat modifier.

Rune strike went from being my number 2 source of damage on heavy AOE tank runs (DnD beat it out) to number 6 with it's damage contribution cut in half.

Until I get a few more runs under my belt post patch, I think the jury is still out on Unholy threat production.


  1. I tanked 5 Heroics last night as 51+ Unholy and did not have any threat issues whatsoever (save for when a dps would not target my target). One of the big changes is that keeping UB up is easier by ten fold. The change from 60RP to 40RP plus the change that all multi-rune abilities generate RP means I am (almost!) never RP starved, even when I'm hitting RS every time it's up. It also means my damage went up too; I don't know if the DPS players I was with were worse than I normally run with, but I topped the charts in every single one (that's 3 dps x 5 heroics = 15 people, so not exactly a small sample size). YMMV but I love the new changes!

  2. Hiya Omen.

    I was also Unholy Tanking Heroics the day of the patch, and I didn't experience a huge threat difference. I usually keep an eye on my TPS, and it was a few hundred lower than it normally is, but still nothing to be afraid of. I was able to maintain about 3k-4k TPS during most trash and boss fights, topping at 4k during Bloodlust. Nobody else came close, and my DPS is in full T7 while I'm in Heroics/Emblem Blues/Epics.

    I also tried out Frost. I seemed to take less damage as 10/51/10, but my TPS topped out at about 3.5k, which I'm still confused about.

    Either way, threat is no more of an issue now than it was pre-patch. Rock on Unholy Tanks!

    <3 the new lower-cost UB.

  3. Tanked Heroic VH/UK/UP/Drak'Tharon last night with a 10/8/53 spec.

    Didnt notice any problems with threat, sitting nicely around 3/4k TPS.... had a boomkin in my party hitting a minimum of 2.7k DPS without peeling any mobs, no aggro issues.. great runs.

    Healer noticed a difference in healing me after frost pres.. but to be fair that could be because I was able to equip some epics that previously would have fropped me below def cap before the new runechant.

    I have had the same Rune Strike turnaround.. gone from being in my top 3 sources of dmg to the lower end of the scale now but spiking threat a lot nicer than before.

  4. I'm happy to here y'all aren't noticing any threat issues so far. As I said, I didn't have any issues with people stealing aggro from me, just felt like I was closer to the edge than I would have liked.

    Once I have some time to tank a couple more I'll have a better feel and more numbers to dig into.