Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 Minutes on the PTR

So I only had about 10 minutes on the PTR last night and I submitted 4 crash reports. Needless to say I just don't have a lot to report so far. I'll get about an hour and 30 minutes this afternoon but it's raid night tonight so I won't get a lot of time until tomorrow.

I did get my toon copied twice. I am setting one up for dps and the other for tanking.

I did get the DPS toon specced. I went with a 17/0/54 Unholy Build. On the blood side it is real easy to recall from memory my choices. Subversion, Butchery, Bladed Armor, and two handed specialization.

In Unholy I picked up Gargoyle, Master of Ghouls, and Ravenous Dead. I skipped Ghoul Frenzy for now. The tool tip says it's channeled and I want to get more information from the theory crafters on the PTR before I recommend it. From my initial napkin math, Outbreak appears to be on par with Wandering Plague for 3 points. Since it now buffs Scourge Strike I went with it since it should contribute to single target DPS more.

I also put a few points in Desecration, but I may pull those back out in favor of wandering plague. I'm still concerned due to movement fights that Desecration may not provide the bang for buck I know I can get from WP. Finally I know I kept Morbidity for DPS. I did this because my DPS spec will finally have the threat reduction from subversion and I will be able to include DnD in my DPS rotations now.

For tanking I was able to pick my blood and frost talents but didn't have time to do my unholy tree. I will initially be going 10/11/50. Blood will give me blade barrier and bladed armor. For frost I'm picking up Toughness, Improved Icy Touch, Icy Reach, and Lichborne.

Though I haven't started my Unholy Tanking tree I know there are some talents I will and will not get. I will not have Gargoyle. I will not have the perma ghoul. Since I don't need to combine DPS and mitigation in the same build the two pets do nothing to contribute to my threat so I can use those points elsewhere. I will be taking the AMS/AMZ talents in addition to Anticipation of course.

Other thoughts....

Virulence is now in the first tier and unless you need the dodge you will be taking this in the Unholy tree. I'm not sure whether I like this just yet. I'll have to review some of my old recounts to see how often my "spells" were missing. I don't recall it being all that frequent. But then again, dodge does jack squat for DPS so its still better than anticipation in the front row.

I'll be monitoring the PTR test realm forums and EJ during the day so I can maximize my efforts when I get on this afternoon.


  1. Unless AMZ has changed drastically from its current incarnation to how it appears on the PTR, I'd caution against it. It's gone too quickly to be of much use (says the one who hasn't respecced it out yet).

  2. I haven't had a chance to test AMZ yet. But the fact is whenever I use it it doesn't last the 10 seconds now anyway. I'm using it to take the edge off of a huge magic damage spike.

    My healers like it when I manage to avoid taking ~ 15,000 damage in one shot on occasion.