Monday, February 23, 2009

15 Emblems in 3 Hours

Last night was one of those Heroic nights you just truly enjoy. We put together a guild run and mowed through 4 heroics in short order.

CoT, Check. VH Daily, Check. Azjol-Nerub, Check. UK, Check.

A couple of us picked up the On The Rocks achievement while in UK. Of course it helps that we blew all our cooldowns and dropped Keleseth in 42 seconds. As soon as I ran in and got my RP above 50 we popped Blood Lust. I hit my Orc Racial for a bit more juice, summoned my gargoyle then called the army in as well. As the tank I cleared 2800 DPS on the one fight.

For the night I held over 1,900 dps tanking the four and scored the Staggering Legplates finally. Now its time to go broke regemming again since I can drop a ton of +hit gems. C'est la vie. After all it's not a bad problem to have.

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