Friday, February 27, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust er Two Actually

Decisions Decisions.

Go beat my head against the wall on the PTR with Hodir, or lead the coalition back into Naxx to finish out the Construct Quarter.

I'm sure most of you hope I did the former and have screen shots and strategies as well as how to Tank or DPS in there.

I chose the latter.

I chose my friends for the same reason I choose to raid with them and not in a big guild in the first place.

Besides most of the Hodir testing was the patience of people wanting to test him. I think Blizz found their patience was thin if the QQ on the PTR forums is any indication.

So back to our Naxx run. About half of the raid had never seen Thaddius. The first attempt was awful. One of the tanks on Stalag was too far away from the tesla coils and blew up everyone on their platform. The second attempt, most of us made the jump but we didn't pick Thad up in time and he got way out of position and we basically had 1 healer and two tanks up. We let them play ring around the rosy until the healer went oom for practice. Third time was the charm.

It wasn't so long ago that we had issues with Maxx, so it was nice to see our second quarter get cleared, especially in the same run. We still had some time so we moved on to the Plague Quarter.

Noth was cake. We all just piled on top of him which forced his adds to come to us so Mortify (Frost DK) could pick them up while Dayrok tanked him.

Heigan taught us all how to dance in two tries. Several of us felt we were gypped on the first attempt with lag. Either way he fell and we moved on to Loatheb.

If you haven't seen that fight the trick is to keep the spore debuff off the tanks, and precast heals for the window where healing is allowed.

We are looking to add a third night in this week so we can make a run at the military quarter. Guess I'll need to do some research since I've never been in those fights in any of my 25 man pugs.

I predict that the coalition of Chaos Brewing and Horde Del Diablo will score a Kel Thuzzad kill before Ulduar is released.

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  1. I posted a few strats for military on my blog. They are kind of general, but if you want more specifics I might be able to help out.