Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DK Flexibility

Yesterday I closed my poll review with a suggestion that all DK's try both Tanking and DPS roles. It was a blanket statement and there will be exceptions but I stand by it.

Grimtorn indicated that with his tank heavy spec his DPS would be off even in a full set of DPS gear. I agree with this, while a tank spec in DPS gear will never put out as much damage as a pure DPS spec, there are times where a raid only needs one tank(Maxenna comes to mind). Unless you are a prot warrior or pally, you can add more value by providing DPS and letting them tank than the other way around.

Wheresmedrink has two toons and the other is an effective tank. I'd argue his DK will be better at tanking magic heavy fights than his warrior would.

Kaleyen had the issue after collecting a full tank set was needed as DPS and had to rebuild.

In every case, your off-spec role will never be optimal, but it can be the difference between killing a boss or continuing a raid should someone need to leave.


  1. I'm hoping for the point when dual-specs will be viable - at which point I will absolutely have a devoted DPS spec. Considering how empty Grim's bags usually are, I can certainly afford to carry around another complete set of equipment should the need arise!

  2. Dual specs will rock when they finally hit. I just hope they figure out how to make glyphs go with them.

    Then again as a scribe I can see a lot of gold in my future if they don't!!

  3. If memory serves, Ghostcrawler had indicated that glyphs (and action bars?) would be part of the whole spec-swap. Though it would be nice if I could use certain glyphs (the minor) for both specs...