Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Good Day Tanking

Between a lag spike, disconnect on a boss, finally seeing Xevozz and Zurmat in VH I took 58% of the overall damage over 3 heroics.

I got home a little early and was ready to smash some face. Nekron was still specced ele dps and Tharizza(lock) was on in our allied guild. Between the two of them I knew I had all the AOE dps I would need. We pugged in Corm(feral kitty) and Phet (Holy Paly) and went of to Heroic AN in hopes of the essence of gossamer.

We one shot AN in 25 minutes. Since I still had plenty of time we hearthed back to Dal and went to Heroic VH. This was the 8th time I've been in there and I had never seen these two bosses. We got Xevozz first and though I kited him I stayed down below which didn't leave enough room from his bubble things and we had our only wipe on the three runs. Once I knew what to do it was cake. As for Zurmat, he died so easily I still don't know what he actually does.

I'm sure it was nerve racking for the rest of the group when I disconnected right at the start of the last fight. When I got logged back in, Corm was in bear form and Cyanigosa was at 65%. I unloaded as much threat as I could and eventually pulled her off so we could score the kill.

I still had some time so we decided to do a mount run in CoT. I already have the mount but no one else did. Phet couldn't stay so we replaced him with another pugged holy paly Jiblette. Only Corm and Nekron had the riding skill and we blew through CoT so fast we still had 3 minutes to spare after killing the boss. Corm is now flying first class.

Then I had to go.

I logged on later in the evening for what I thought would be a raid night. As soon as I logged, the pally from H HoS whispered me to see if I'd tank the heroic daily for his pug. It was occulus. I've only done Oc once before and after killing the second boss we quit. I still don't like that place.

If I ever have to go back I'll use a slightly different tactic on Mage Lord Urum when you aggro him 3 times to grab his adds. What I did was drop a DnD on him and hope that grabbed all the spawns. Each time I lost my DPS in those three fights since I just didn't grab enough AOE threat. I know if the DPS dies its their own damn fault but as a tank I take it personal when anyone dies that's not being an asshat.

What I should do is hide everyone behind the tree so the mobs are forced to LOS us. Then send the ghoul in to aggro the boss. As soon as that's done, recall the ghoul which should bring all the mobs to our location packed much tighter, then AOE tank as normal.

Once we actually fought Urum he wasn't too bad. Just the standard walk backwards in a circle kite job where you wait for him to run to melee range every time he casts.

Well we made it through and I finally accomplished something that I've been meaning to do.

Even better, since it was the heroic daily it counted towards my proof of demise and my Champion of the Frozen Wastes. It also gave me two extra emblems. Between the 5 from here, the 9 from my earlier three runs, and the extra from beating the CoT timer I picked up 14 emblems yesterday. Outside of the equivalent in Kara that's a record for me. That also gave me the 80 I needed to go pick out my T7 Tanking Chest.
Ahh half way there. To be honest the two piece bonus sucks but I am looking forward to the four piece. I made sure to gem and chant it up nice since I'll be wearing this for a very long time. Now if only I could score some good shoulders. As it is, my self buffed stats while tanking are starting to look pretty good these days. 26,600 Health and I still get my Def Cap without Rune of the Stone Skin Gargoyle.

Told you it was a good day to be a tank.

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