Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heroic HoS Event with Lag

I tanked Heroic Halls of Stone last night for some guildies and a pugged healer again. This time we grabbed a holy pally that just repecced and was wearing mostly ret gear. Unlike my HoL run the other day, this pally proved skill > gear and did a fine job.

The only problem during the run was my lag.

Most of the run it was around 400ms which is not fun when you are used to 200.

There are lots of AOE pulls in HoS. Including several where you will get 10+ mobs at a time. Of course not all of them are elites in those pulls. That said, there is an easy way to tell if you are AOE tanking right.

If the bodies look like this at the end of the pull you did it right.

See how neatly they are lined up in a circle around where I was standing? I believe there were 15 on that pull. Using the standard DnD at my feet. Death gripping the one elite to me and then putting my diseases up for a pestilence followed by Unholy Blight, not a single mob aggrod on anyone else.

Now the title of my post mentions the tribunal event with lag. After we talked to Brann my lag spiked up to 900 ms and stayed there for the entire fight. Our Pally was worried. As an AOE Tank we actually have an easy time on this event. So long as the DPS and your healer don't stand in the lasers this is easy.

Here's how you do it. Stand about 3 steps up from the bottom in the middle. The walls on either side of you there are within 10 yards. This is important as it will not be possible for a mob to go past you with your AOE's up.

When the first 3 pack appears drop a DnD at your feet. From there IT, PS, and Pest and let the DPS kill them. I had the advantage of having an ele shammy, lock, and hunter for DPS last night and given my horrible reaction timing this was key to our success.

After the pack dies use your Unholy Blight. Now some of you may be thinking WTF Scourge, why pop an AOE damage ability with no mobs up. Lag is your answer. With the positioning I had, UB would aggro anything that tried to run past me. Using it after the fight ensured that over the next 20 seconds any spawns would come for me regardless of my poor reaction times.

This was the insurance I needed to make sure no mobs slipped through. Rinse Repeat and collect loot. Towards the end of the event when the mobs are coming every 15 seconds in larger packs with the bigger golems, go ahead and pop your Army of the Dead. This will give you some additional breathing room and take pressure off your healer.

There you have it, even with severe lag it is possible to tank the event. In fact two of my guildies scored the Brann Spanking New achievement.


  1. Good tactics. As for the lag, the thing I kept repeating over and over to myself last night was, "Patch day!"

  2. We rock :) That is so pretty that was a great screen shot.