Monday, February 16, 2009

Heroic Raid Pugs

So I scored a Heroic Naxx pug last night. As the main tank. I even was able to bring Dayrok from the guild in as Primary Off Tank.

Two of those previous sentences should tell you a lot about the state of Raid pugging in WoW. A month ago a raid pug was 18-20 members from a guild looking to fill a few spots.

This pug was as pure as it gets. Here are some highlights of the raid base.

12 of the DPS could not clear 2,000 dps, even on trash.
Only two consistently broke 3,000.
Of the sub 2,000 dps 6 were below 1,500 and two of those couldn't even clear 1,000 dps.

It's called hit rating people.

On the heal side our best healers were a pair of priests that could reliably maintain 1,800 hps and a druid that almost single handedly healed me through Anub'Rehkans Locust swarm since no one else bothered to heal me. We even had a pally healer who didn't know how to heal raid members not in his direct party. Not to mention his heals wouldn't have been up to par in most heroics.

For tanking we had myself, Dayrok from the guild, and another prot warrior who couldn't/wouldn't get in vent. Kind of hard to adapt to directions and changing threats when you have to stop and type stuff.

Needless to say we wiped a few times. And when we didn't wipe I died on trash too many times to be acceptable in a guild run. That said, in the 3 hours I was able to stay we downed four bosses which futher convinces me heroic raids are easier than normal ones.

After sortin out Anub, I was asked to use the kite method on the second attempt instead of expecting to be healed through the swarms.

The trick is to stay out of the slime while walking backwards. Note my 3100 TPS, that was fairly typical of my early single target threat.

After we downed Anub we moved on to Grand Widow. Dayrok tanked the adds while I tanked Faerlina. Nice to say we one shot her. With a decent healer corp I beleive I could have withstood the enrages to get some folks their Momma Said Knock You Out acheivements. I did eat one entire enrage since the priest didn't get the MC off until the thing was over. Did I mention about half the raid got their first emblem of valor off of Anub?

Maxenna was our next target. This time it made sense to let Dayrok tank her since she is a single tank encounter. I tossed on my DPS gear and underperformed to my standards at exactly 3,000 dps. That still had me second on the meters :( No way this group will handle patch. Max went down in one shot and I rolled 96 on a new piece of sexiness.

I've joined the 203.6 wep club. There is a lot of debate which weapon is better for tanking or DPS. You hear weps such as Inevitable Defeat, Betrayer of Humanity, Death's Bite, and Demise. Rarely do you hear Jawbone, but the simple truth is, the Jawbone > than any 186 DPS weapon. Any DK sporting a Titan Steel Destroyer or Colossal Skull Clad Cleaver will want this bad boy. Tanks and DPS alike. Gotta say it helped my single target threat. Remember my Anub action shot with 3,000 TPS? You'll see a similar number if you look close at Faerlina.

OK, I'll fess up on this threat meter. It was on trash, pulled away from the group so it was barely taking any AOE from anyone else, and I just scored a big scourge strike crit. But I've never seen 6,400 TPS on my toon. As we went on to Noth I consistently held 4,000 TPS which is a huge improvement over where I was at.

We went on to two shot Noth with Dayrok tanking him while I picked up all the adds. At that point it was bedtime for me so I had to roll. All in all, not bad for a pug that could barely heal and had lackluster DPS.

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