Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Initital DPS tests on the PTR

I managed to squeeze a DPS test in on the PTR before the world server went down using the 17/0/54 spec.

Right now Bladed Armor is bugged and I don't have the AP increase from it and my non buffed AP is a little over 200 points lower than on live. However, there is a clear increase in my DPS, but a lot of that is due to a dedicated DPS spec. Same rotation on live for 3 minutes I get 1842 DPS on the boss test dummy self buffed. On the PTR I am hitting 2165. Once BA is fixed I expect that to be even higher.

I have a second issue that I think will increase my DPS once it's resolved. ICEHud crashes my PTR client. I use ICEHud to track my runes and RP so I'm pretty sure my rotation wasn't as clean as I'd like.

On live my scourge strikes were hitting for 2220 on average. On the PTR they hit for 3124. SS got a buff on its own in addition to Outbreak now buffs SS as well.

My Plague Strikes also went from a whopping 370 hit on live to 1725 on the PTR. That is a huge buff.

I didn't see any real difference in my DPS by including DnD on the boss target but I'm sure on AOE fights I will get more out of it.

Here are my Current DPS Talents:
Butchery 2 points
Subversion 3 points
Bladed Armor 5 points
Two Handed Specialization 2 points
Dark Conviction 5 points
Vicious Strikes 2 points
Virulence 3 points
Morbidity 3 points
Ravenous Dead 3 points
Outbreak 3 points
Necrosis 5 points
Blood Caked Blade 3 points
Master of Ghouls 1 point
Unholy Blight 1 Point
Impurity 5 points
Dirge 2 points
Reaping 3 points
Desecration 2 points
Improved Unholy Presence 2 points
Night of the Dead 2 points
Crypt Fever 3 points
Bone Shield 1 point
Ebon Plaguebringer 3 points
Scourge Strike 1 point
Rage of Rivendare 5 points
Summon Gargoyle 1 point

I'm still not sold on Desecration and BCB seemed a little light compared to live. That could be a disease issue since I don't have my debuffs easily visible and I may have lost something while testing. I will most likely move the 2 points from Desecration into Wandering Plague.

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