Thursday, February 19, 2009

Making Headway

So after a week off our two guild alliance went back into Naxx 10 last night. And we are making headway.

As always we start with the Spider Wing where we one shot Anub. Faerlina took us two tries since we changed up tank assignments from what we've done in the past but other than that went real easy.

Maxxena dropped on the first try which was great since we have had problems with her before. Our allied guild has a feral bear that came last night. Varnek is nicely geared and even in 10's was pushing 40,000 health. We let him MT Max figuring he had the health to survive not getting healed during her wraps.

We mostly had cloth caster drops since we didn't have any clothies in the raid but Max was kind enough to drop Cloak of Armed Strife for us. That is such a huge upgrade over the Wyrmest rep blue I wear for tanking. But I passed on it so Dayrok could get it. He tanks 100% of the time whereas I change back and forth based on need. As a guild we will get more benefit from him wearing it. Since my goal is to see content as a raid leader it just made sense to not roll myself.

So the Spider wing was clear we had the choice between construct and plague. I reviewed recount for the first three bosses and decided since we only had two healers and our combined DPS was sufficiently over 12,000 we went to Patchwerk.

There is a little confusion out there regarding Patch's hateful strikes. For 10 man Naxx, Patch will target his hateful strike on the second highest melee threat. Health totals ARE NOT FACTORED. Therefore send in the two tanks, let them get a good lead on aggro, then let the melee run in. We had Dayrok MT him and set up Varnek and his 40k health to soak Hatefuls.

For healing we had our Resto Shammy Nekron keep up Day and Lampost(Holy Pally) watch out for Varnek.

Everyone did their job and Patchwerk fell like it was a scripted event.

Anyone who has ever been past Patches will recognize the chat log I lead off with. To be fair to Beercan he had a weird DC issue that threw him out of the instance and he was bringing some respawn slimes with him. Marxi was trying to show off playing in the frogger slimes.

Hubris will get you every time.

We then put in three attempts on Grobbulus with our best one getting him down to 18%. I've only seen that fight once before in a Naxx 25 pug where we one shot him. Only two others in the raid had ever seen him before either. I considered the wipes as good learning and in fact made sure people still standing continued to fight as if half the raid wasn't dead to get more practice. I truly believe we will get him down tonight.

Our goal tonight is to get through Thaddius. Gluth worries me a little bit with his Zombie Chow. That's a mechanic most of us haven't encountered yet. We are also going to start the night with Obsidian Sanctum and I think I'll leave one drake up for an attempt or two

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