Thursday, February 26, 2009

Momma Didn't Say Knock You Out

Our little coalition is really stepping up. We were still 30 minutes late getting started but in two hours we downed 6 bosses, only wiped once, and other than two deaths on Frogger, only had one player death, and that was on trash.

Our raid was pure melee DPS outside the heals. In fact we had 4 tank capable toons. I respecced pure Unholy 17/0/54 DPS and was rewarded with an extra 1,000 DPS for the night. Makes me all squeamy inside waiting on Dual Specs. I knew the prot warrior would still be tanking but who I put on DPS duty came down to whether the Feral Bear of the Frost DK could dish out more hurt. Turns out it was the bear, so he went kitty.

We also had 3 healers last night. I was a little worried that rolling with an extra set of heals was going to gimp our dps. My worry was unfounded. Last week we were pulling about 14,000 raid DPS. This week we were nailing down 19,000 with one less DPS player.

After utterly destroying Anub I called for an attempt at Momma Said Knock You Out on Faerlina. We decided to destroy the trash and just tank the widow right there on the platform. That was our mistake. She went into a frenzy 20 seconds into the fight and was right on top of us as we burned the adds down. Next week I will have her kited away while we drop the adds. So we didn't get the achievement. but we did knock over a minute off of our fastest kill time.

Here's a tip, if all the adds are down on the widow you can burn your Army of the Dead. On a little over two minute fight, getting the army out for 42 seconds while it pushes and extra 1900 DPS will really crank up your totals. I beat our rogue by 75,000 total damage on the fight and cranked 4,768 DPS including my Ghoul and Gargoyle. This easily clears my best output I ever had while dual wielding. Of course I am better geared since then but it's comforting to know the basis of my 3.1 DPS spec can really dish out the pain.

Maxxena potentially posed a problem for us since we were pure melee. What's the best way to get players off the wall? Given the heals and DPS we had, we chose to have the Frost DK tank and our Prot Warrior used intercept to get out to the wall to unwrap us as needed. Worked like a charm.

Needless to say with how well every one was doing in all phases of the raid, Tanking/DPS/Heals, Patchwerk was a joke.

By the time we moved on to Grobbulus we had only had 3 total deaths. Two on Frogger(Marxi wasn't one of them) and one on a trash pull where a DPS just couldn't wait on the tanks. Grob farted all over our first attempt and we wiped in an ugly way. But that was the only time he did that. Grob is not a melee friendly fight. Ideally all the DPS is ranged. T'hell with the ideals. We kicked his ass with no deaths on the second attempt. I think we were all frustrated with him from last week. Especially since a RL emergency prevented us from continuing the run as planned.

At this point we were 10 minutes from our stop time. I called for one attempt on Gluth so people could see the fight. I fully expected we would leave him up. Out of the 10 of us, only 5 had ever seen it. So after the explanations we set the Prot Warrior and Feral Bear to trading tanking duties on Gluth to avoid the stacks. We had the Frost DK kite the zombie chows. We used melee AOE to drop them during the decimates. Once again, not the ideal set up. Once again no one died to a boss.

Tonight we will clear some trash and should get our Construct Quarter achievement.

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  1. Seems like your group and my group are right in the same area as far as Naxx progression goes.

    If we hadn't taken 2 weeks off due to RL issues, we'd certainly have cleared it by now.