Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obligitory UI Post and Discussion

I had to fly half way across the country and back today so I could sit in 4 hours of meetings. Needless to say my usual morning posting didn't happen.

When I got home and finally checked my e-mail I had a question about an addon I'm using in my UI. After responding I decided it was time for the ubiquitous blogger UI post.

We'll start with a full screen shot from tanking Faerlina the other night.

I have all the really important stuff right in the middle for easy review. As information becomes less important for my immediate attention it is pushed away from the middle.

The center of my screen is dominated by ICE Hud and Deadly Boss Mobs.

The DBM warning moves into position centered just above the ICE Hud information. In this case Faerlina just went into an enrage and at the time of this shot had 7.2 seconds left.

ICE Hud is highly customizable. I have my Health and RP on the left. Just inside those bars are the health and energy of my ghoul. On the right side I have the health and energy/rage/mana of the mob I'm targeting. Just beneath me is the name and meta data. In this case Grand Widow.

To the right I see all the debuffs on the mob. The debuffs prioritize mine on the the top right. In this shot I have UB, Ebon Plague, and Frost Fever up. If she had any buffs they would appear opposite on the left .

The last piece of information ICE Hud give me is my active runes across the top. In this case I have one Unholy rune available for use. Given what I know about my debuffs and my available unholy rune, I should use a plague strike next.

In the Bottom Center of my UI I have my Pet information, Omenmeter, and key abilities.
Here we see a second confirmation my Ghoul is up and currently does not have a lot of energy. He is set to follow and is on defensive stance. More importantly gnaw is on cooldown.

Having Omen meter so visible allows me to quickly decide if I need to worry about aggro issues. This is true for Tanking and DPS. In this case Drax was second in threat and was positioned in case I went down he could pick up tanking.

I also have AMS, a health stone, Empower Rune Weapon, IBF, AoTD, health pot, and AMZ all within easy perusal. I can tell that I have the runes to change stances if needed and see IBF is on cooldown.

On the bottom left I have my primary attacks using Bartender, and my chat window.

DBM gives me lots of information in my chat window. I run prat which provides the timestamps as well as the level and class coloring for normal chat. I also black out the background so it is easily readable regardless of what's behind it.

All my primary attacks are here with bartender and they are keybound to keys I can easily use with my left hand since I drive with my mouse. I also have Dr Damage which puts the average attack value of each ability on the keybind.

The last portion here is DoTimer for my cooldowns. If I need to know exactly how long until I can use an ability I only have to look down to the left from all the action.

The bottom right has more info from DoTimer, Bartender, and includes recount.

Here I see my buffs and timers for the debuffs I have on my targets. Once again if I look here I will notice I do not have Blood Plauge on my target, but I have 15 seconds left on frost fever. My cursor was apparently over one of my raidmembers but it shows down in the corner where I don't have to make an active decision.

You can also see DBM has started the enrage timer since it was getting close. As the countdown closes in on zero seconds the warning moves towards center.

Recount is also down in the corner since I don't make decisions using it while in combat. I'm sure you know by now I like reviewing recount data after raids to decide what is working for me and what isn't.

The last part of my screen I really want to draw attention to is the upper left. I use AG Unit Frames to see the health, or living status, of everyone in the raid. I also have my FPS, latency, and durability displayed here.

I believe it is AG Unit frames that is also putting the heals and damages on each member. To be honest, I only glance at this to see who is alive and who is dead. In 5 mans the frames are configured to show mana so I know when to slow down on my chain pulls.

The top center just has the unit frame for my targeted mob. I primarily have this so I can inspect players when I target them.

The top right has my mini map and shows all my buffs. The only buff I look to find during combat is Horn of Winter. In a 25 man raid I don't even bother. I was one of 3 DK's and I know the DPS DK's will keep that up at all times to increase their position on the damage meters.

With this layout I can get the information I need while in combat by looking at my toon, or down to the right or left. I don't have to go hunting all over my screen to find something important. I'm told by ergonomic engineers this speeds my reaction times and slows the onset of fatigue.


  1. I really like the layout of your addons. I recommend that you save them as a UI File, and upload your config as well. I, as well as other people, would probably like to use it :D.

  2. Thanks a lot for the reply and for the another great informative post!

  3. @ Icecap

    I'll look into that. I've never created a UI file before but its probably a good idea for those times when WoW decides to wipe my WTF, Interface, and Cache folders anyway.

    @ Grim

    My screen in 1680x1050.


    Thanks for the compliment

  4. How do you get your length left on your buffs to appear on the one side. I seem to be only able to get the cooldowns. I'm a frost tank and looking up at the profile picture to see how long I have left on icebound fort is annoying.

  5. @ Patrick

    The IBF cooldown you see is part of DoTimer. It's an addon I found when I used to play my warlock to track DoT durations while raiding Kara as affliction.

  6. After reading my question I think it didn't come across at all what I was asking. On the second picture up from the bottom I see you are displaying your self buffs. Elixir of accuracy, your well fed. you have both blood runes on CD for blood barrier, and I'm guessing that when you pop IBF it will show there as well. How are you getting your buffs to appear. What are your settings at? I can't seem to figure that portion out. I downloaded DoTimer after seeing your UI and right now all I have is the CDs showing and those are working great. Can't seem to get my self buffs right though. Thanks for your help.

  7. Patrick,

    You can bring up the cool down options with Dotimer by typing /cd into a chat window