Friday, February 13, 2009

One I'm Pleased With

I'm not a big achievement whore. I don't go out of my way to get them. You won't see me chasing down the holiday ones. I do do children's week. Brewfest, love is in the air, winters veil, and the others I just don't care. Exploring, rep rewards, and all the PvP ones will only show on my sheet if I get them doing other things.

However there are a few I like and a few I want.

And I got one of those last night.

The missing piece was Old Kingdom. I had run it back in December as DPS but we didn't down the mushroom boss and I had never been back in. A couple of my guildies wanted the rose drop and there are some nice tanking bracers in there so we ran it.

Elder really wasn't that bad even though you can kite it to the stairs to avoid the immunity issue. Standard rules apply, burst the guardian down before you have a problem.

Prince was fine, if you follow Raid Rule 1B (Stay away from the shit that kills you) you will drop him quickly.

We just missed the achievement on Jedoga. Her third worshiped got killed by a pet just before she consumed him. We would take them down to 25% so her enrage wouldn't last long or hit hard. As it is, our pally had no trouble keeping me up through it.

Herald was annoying. The PvPers amongst us will have fun with that. I could easily kill the feral kitty, the hunter, the shammy, and even myself by just AOE tanking. I could not burst through the Pally's flash heals. Even using strangulate and and mind freeze to give myself 7 seconds to try and drop her she would come out and flash heal back to full. So I would just make sure she was busy self healing and keep myself alive and wait for the Calvary.

Amanitar was actually fairly easy once you know how it works. We would have the ranged all hang out by our pally who would use consecration every now and then to clear out the mushrooms there. Any time a green one would appear by me the feral druid will kill it. Therefore I just had to stand next to a healthy one, wait for the debuff, pop UB and I'd be fine. The hardest part was staying ahead of the the threat list. Getting shrunk every 10 seconds or so and losing my damage output was murder on TPS.

And with the mushroom down I got my Dungeon Hero. Now I just need to find a pug on a KT and Maly clear so I can get the one achievement I do want. Champion of the Frozen Waste.

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  1. Not sure about your opinions on PVP, but if you are interested in it at all you should check out the Fire Festival. Desecrating the opposite faction's fires and stealing their capital city's flames is a lot of fun.

    I'm the pvper in my family, but even my wife loves it.