Thursday, February 5, 2009

Onyxia Solo'd Sort Of

So I was in Dustwallow to pick up the fishing quest and thought to myself, "I started WoW in early BC, I've never seen Ony, I bet I could solo her." So off I went.

I talked a friend of mine in Dalaran to group with me so I could convert to raid and not get punted from the instance. Strapped my tank gear on, ate a food buff, and walked in.

Needless to say trash was easy.

Ony phase one was cake. Just back yourself against a wall so the knock back doesn't interfere with you and just work your DPS rotation. When you get below 75% health spam a couple Death Strikes to bring you back up.

Phase Two was a little more difficult. Since you are the only one in the place the whelps all go after you. In addition it was more difficult to keep the diseases up on Onyxia and time hitting her with Death Strikes. Eventually I made it through.

Entering Phase Three, I was very low on health, got feared immediately, then my diseases dropped off.

Had I been thinking I would have Death Pacted my Ghoul which would have brought me back to half health. Retrospectively, I believe this would have bought me the time I needed to get my diseases back on and Death Strike back up to full health so I could survive her deep breaths. I didn't and with all my other cool downs blown, turned into a ghoul and died shortly after entering phase 3.

She is killable as a solo Unholy DK. A solo Blood DK will have a much easier time.

About this time a guildy logged on and asked what I was doing. I decided to cheat. Since his main was a feral druid I had him log onto his full T4 level 70 Resto Shammy.

The results speak for themselves. In fact Aup basically only healed me in Phase 2 and tossed lightning bolts the rest of the time. Gotta say, the tremor totem was nice to have as well.

So I didn't pull off the solo kill. I had fun, scored lots of vendor trash, and got to see a boss I'd never seen before.


  1. Congrats!

    Co-incidently last night was my onyx night.. done her a few times now when bored or after heroics when people logg but stay in group.

    Phase one as you say is cake.. Phase 2 is tricky the first few times you do it but it gets easier.

    Firstly, always always chase onyx around so you can keep melee and Death Strikes going. Tilt cam up slightly to locate her or stand on top of your ghoul to ensure you can self heal through strikes. When whelps come, drop a DnD on them and pest diseases from Onyx. If you cant pest due to diseases fallen off/location of onyc etc, drop DPS on Onyx and take the whelps out asap. They drop fast and dont do much dmg, I tend to pop IBF/Boneshield if up to negate some of onyx's damage while I drop the whelps.

    Rinse and Repeat till P3. I generally go into P3 with no less than 80% HP on a good run. Sometimes it can get sketchy and I have to sac the ghoul but once you find a rythm to keeping diseases/death strikes up in P2 it gets a lot easier.

    Dropped her in 13 mins or so last night going by my food buff time remaining.

    If you can drop Onyx then have a blast on Attumen in Kara. You can cut through trash like butter and Attumen himself is fairly easy to solo. Chance of mount drop and the cash isnt too shabby either.

    Its doable to take out Attumen/Moroes/Maiden/Opera (depending on event) solo. Not manged Curator yet.

  2. Grats on your solo kills. And thanks for the tips. I will have to get a key for kara on this toon since you still need one to go in.

    This was the first time I've ever attempted anything like it and I don't think it will be the last.

  3. Technically you dont need a key to enter kara.

    Ride down to the gate, unequip your gear and stand with your back to the gate.. Death grip one of the ghost mobs to you, turn your back to him and spam your sit key (so the mob crits you) till you die.

    Corpse run back but dont rez on your body. Carefully/slowly edge past the gate so your between it and the portal - not too far tho or you will get kicked back to the spirit healer - then rez and pass through the portal.

    No key required and only takes a few mins. I'm still half way through the key chain so no key either but the dying/corpse run/rez behind gate method works just fine for now.

    Its a lot of fun soloing raids/dungeons I think. Good tanking practice too imo. I used to farm strat at 70 on my pally to practice tanking before I got to MT BC raids. Old habits die hard it seems as I'm doing the same at 80 on the DK aswell :)

  4. I actually tried that yesterday but forgot one important thing. I had dungeon difficulty set on heroic. When I accepted the rez, it tried to zone me in but couldn't.

    Net result, alive with no gear on, inside the gate and no mobs anywhere near me to kill me and I couldn't zone in.

    I had to death gate out to ebon hold. I even took a nice screen shot of the mob killing me at the gate to use as a prelude to another post.

  5. I's not even necessary to DND the whelps. Get your diseases on Ony and hit Pestilence when all the whelps are aggro'd on you, then hit Unholy Blight. Never untarget Ony, just spam Death Strike and keep the diseases up throughout Phase 2. Pestilence and UB are sufficient to kill the whelps.

    The problem with DND is that you can't drop it while you're looking up at Ony. By the time you untarget her to drop DND on the ground, chances are she has moved, so the whelps won't spend much time in your DND circle if you chase after her. And if you don't stay on her constantly, Phase 2 will last longer, and you take the risk of extra deep breaths, which do far more damage than the whelps.