Saturday, February 21, 2009

OP at 58

So I'm preparing my toon for the Scourge Event (Make sure to sign up) and I just hit outlands at level 58.

I had forgotten how OP we are at that level. If you recall at level 58 you don't have Death and Decay, you don't have your 51 point talents, and if you're like me you went straight to the Dark Portal without buying any Glyphs or Enchants.

Even so, I could easily take 3-5 same level mobs as Unholy and never see my health drop below 75%. If it did, it was just one Death Strike away from being replenished. Rotation was simple, IT, PS, Pest, BS, SS then dump RP into DCs.

With that in mind, here is what my recount looked like.

438 DPS, at level 58?!!? I remember benching a warlock from Gruul's runs in BC because they couldn't hit 500 DPS. Seriously, this is entry Kara DPS 12 levels ahead of schedule. I even have a couple wasted talent points on this toon such as On a Pale Horse just so I can ride around some. I'm guessing I could easily clear 500 in ramparts since the mobs will live long enough to maximize my dots.

It's no wonder so many deathtards are out there. I had forgotten how little skill it takes to level a DK in outlands. It only took me 45 minutes to do all of level 58 and ding 59. Warcraft Realms still only shows about 22% of the 1.5 million death knights have hit level 80. Which is lower than the 30% for all classes. This difference is statistically significant as well. This tells me that once many of the players level past easy mode they start to abandon their toons as they realize getting solid DPS or effective tanking out of a DK at level 80 actually takes some skill.

Still surprised how easy kicking ass at level 58 is. Guess I've forgotten in the 3 months I've been 80.

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  1. My buddy and I shot through Outlands. Now in Northrend... well, we've died a few times.

    By the way:
    6th Picture of the 6th Folder game... tag, you're it!