Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Patch Notes 3.1 revised for PTR

So the first thing I see this morning is a WoWInsider piece on DK changes for the PTR.

The good news is, I finally got my toon back in queue. But my AOE tanking 5/45/21 spec isn't going anywhere.

I'm not going to detail all the changes, you can see that over at WI as linked. I am going give my initial thoughts on stuff that jumps out at me as they relate to PVE.

The cool down on Raise Dead has been changed to begin when your pet dies. Not when it's summoned. It did get shortened to 3 minutes from 5 and Master of Ghouls drops that another minute as well. Night of the Dead is also being modified to provide a flat reduction in cooldown. I would suspect 1 minute per point on Raise Dead and 5 minutes per point for Army. This would ensure you can still instantly summon a new pet when yours dies as well as maintain the effective cooldown on Army with this talent.

Non Perma Ghouls will also only be up for 1 minute now. No more popping a Ghoul twice on Patchwerk, save it for the enrage.

The raid wide auras are going the way of the do do. While Mark of the Wild replicated the Frost Aura there is no replacing the Blood and Unholy Auras which reduced healer load and increased raid DPS. They still provide personal benefit and for dedicated min maxers may still be good talents.

Howling Blast got moved to the 51 point position in frost. This killed my desire to have HB and UB in the same build. On the surface people might think that could be OP but you have to realize both those talents, and DnD, were buffed by impurity which could not fit in that build.

If blizzard has the goal of moving more DK's out of Unholy this change goes against that. Unholy will remain the AOE tank of choice. Because HB just won't hit as hard as UB with impurity.

The bastard talent of the Unholy tree Outbreak got nerfed. I know it was to offset the buff to Scourge Strike but still, there remains no reason to take outbreak now or in its proposed form.

Between the buff to Plague Strike and the changes to Desecration we may see this become a more important talent again. The reason to avoid it in the past was due to high mobility fights and the overall weakness of PS to pull Desecration back up.

Needless to say, all of this will remain up in the air until the patch goes live. As soon as I get my toon on the PTR will will be testing a UH Tank build and a UH DPS build. I will also dedicate the two builds to their role since there will be no real need to have hybrid builds anymore. At 1000g for dual specs I highly recommend you go that route.

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  1. I have just confirmed I sucussefully copied Omenscourge to the PVE PTR server twice.

    When I get home from work this afternoon I'll start downloading the client and begin my research.