Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poll Result: Spec Interest

With 2 hours to go, this was by far the most answered poll I've put up with 132 people responding.

Not surprising given my own bias towards Unholy, the Unholy Tanking and DPS comprised nearly half of the respondents. Frost combined for a third of everyone, while Blood couldn't quite muster a 5th.

Regardless of tree the split between DPS and Tanking was 51/49.

When the PTR goes up, I plan on trying to create a Frost based Tank/DPS spec similar to what I have for Unholy. The goal will be the same, be a competent tank, and provide solid DPS.

I define Competent Tank as someone who can hold aggro (single target and AOE) and not die. From the mitigation standpoint I will be trading the improved AMS, AMZ, and Boneshield for Lichborne and UA. For aggro I will be losing Impurity, wandering plague, scourge strike, and a few others but will pick up Howling Blast and Frost Strike.

Solid DPS is a little more harder to measure since it is boss dependent. I know my dps varies considerably between heroics and raids so I will do my best to compare it to my current values.

If I can nail down a decent Frost spec, and I find more hours in a day, I'll take a look at blood for those of you who like that tree as well.

I'll also try to score some screens from Ulduar since I haven't dropped and graphics on you since Ony.

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