Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poll Results: Primary Roll

It's been a week and the poll is now closed.

The first thing that catches my eye is not a single person chose Off Tank. I think it is a fairly safe assumption that anyone filling that roll chose to answer whichever is needed.

Half of you that answered only provide DPS. This is reasonably consistent with my experience where most of the DK's in a raid are there for DPS only and have no interest in tanking. Needless to say, if you are looking at my talent spec for ideas you can avoid blade barrier, toughness, and anticipation. If you aren't going the dual wield route, I might suggest dropping those points into subversion, dark conviction, two-hand specialization on the blood side. That won't pick up all 15 points but will be more dps than what my spec provides.

Twenty percent of you said you tank. There are times I am envious of people who have the MT role for a guild, then there are times that I'm not. I enjoy tanking. but we all know it can be hard work. Needless to say, if all you plan on doing is tanking you can drop some of the lesser DPS talents and push down to lichborne in Frost.

I'm in the 30% that do what ever is required. Need me to tank, sure no problem. Gotta have someone soak hatefuls on Patch 25, I'm there. Got tanking covered and just need some solid melee DPS, all over it. Life is expensive for us. To fill what ever role is necessary whenever we are needed, we absolutely need two sets of gear. For example, in the last week prices on Titansteel helms have come down dramatically on my server. I grabbed one of each for tanking and DPS for about 1000g each. Throw in two meta gems, two blue gems, and two arcanums and I blew through 2,700g like it was monopoly cash. The upside, I can tank, I can OT, I can DPS, so in the rare times I do have time to play lately, I can score a run or a raid without a lot of difficutly.

The DK Flexibility to change from Tank to DPS between fights is one of our biggest advantages, and I would encourage everyone, especially the pure DPS, to give it a try.


  1. I tried to tank ramps, but I had never tanked before, except in lvl 30 instances on my pally.

    I should give it another shot, though.

  2. My main is a warrior tank, so I'm not really into the idea of being a dedicated tank on my DK. Having said that, I've leveled to 79 tanking every instance I went into except for one. It's just easier to get groups that way.

    Luckily, at 80 my guild is looking for me to use my DK as a DPS when we don't need my tank. If we need a tank, I'll use the warrior. Of course I'll still be putting together a better tanking set for the DK.

  3. I should probably get more DPS gear, but I'm hesitant to do so with such a tank-heavy spec. I really don't want to be a DPS-hinderance.

  4. I tanked from the beginning until level 80. Tanked the majority of Heroics and 10 mans, however when I joined a 25 man raiding guild they didn't need any tanks. The tank team consists of 2 Warriors and 2 Druids and they didn't need/want another tank. So I had to start re-do'ing heroics for badges and gear that I passed up on previously for a decent DPS set.

    I would love an OT role - I enjoy tanking but don't want to be in the situation again where I'm the guild's MT. But until that time, I'll be fine flexing the epeen and topping charts.