Sunday, February 15, 2009

Props to Big Red Kitty

Over the years I've read Big Red Kitty off an on and was always entertained even though I barely play my hunter.

One of the things I've always respected about him was his willingness to help people help themselves in game. I recall a story where someone begged him for money. He offered them 50g if I remember right(or some other ludicrous amount) for several stacks of light feathers. The player who was clearly new, compared to someone just looking to make a buck, went out and gathered the feathers over a few days. BRK was happy to pay up.

I bring this up because I belong to a blog advertising program called entrecard. You get credits by people advertising on your blog, or you dropping your e-card on other sites. You can see where other blogs advertise just below my blog rolls. You'll notice I only allow WoW blogs to advertise on my site. Anyway, I've wanted to advertise on his site for some time now. Needless to say his site is always more popular than I can afford.

I sent him a note asking if he could clear his ad queue a little bit to bring down his price some. He did one better. He set me up so I can advertise on his site for two days. Once again demonstrating that he is willing to help people in addition to keeping them entertained.

It's not likely that you have never seen his site. In the event that you haven't or its been awhile since you have I highly encourage you to go check it out at

/Cheers for BRK

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