Thursday, February 26, 2009

PTR DK Roundup Feb 26

So it's still fairly early in the morning and we have had our first couple days on the PTR. I am downloading the first new build as I write this. Here is what is being reported on the PTR about DK's. (Note: the forums were wiped clean sometime last night)

Bladed armor isn't working
Ebon Plaguebringer isn't stacking
Obliterate has a bad tooltip and doesn't generate RP
Blood of the North not converting death runes
Changing presences burns an extra blood rune
Class starter quests are not awarding talent points

Feedback on forums
0/32/39 and other variations of DW is dead
Frost tanks are upset the nerfing to DW has hit them very hard as well
Ghoul Frenzy isn't worth the point and given the perma ghoul is now low enough in the tree all DK's can have one if they want it Unholies feel like they lost something special

Feedback I recall from yesterday as well as my limited experience
Outbreak is a sweet talent now.
Some DPS specs need more RP dumps. It's not possible to blow all the RP between rune cooldowns.
The new PS and Pestilence glyphs are at cross odds. PS buffs the hell out of a worthwhile strike while Pestilence means you only ever need to apply your diseases once.

Supposedly the new build has solved the Dalaran crashes and perhaps we will start to see some groups forming and get some feedback to how stuff works on real mobs in lieu of the test dummies.

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