Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rune of SSG = Deathtard?

As y'all know I like to keep up with the official DK forums. I know I'm a masochist. Explains my job.

When Blizzard introduced SSG, it was to assist Death Knights in attaining the uncritable status so they can begin to run heroics.

This is all well and good. I know there are many DK's out there who switch between DPS and Tanking and rely on this rune to ensure they don't go splat.

What I'm seeing is too many Deathtards out there thinking they can tank anything now that they are def capped. So off they go with 20k health 20k armor and 30% avoidance wondering why they keep wiping since they are Def Capped.

SSG can replace defense gear, it doesn't replace the grey matter between the tanks ears.

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  1. Well nothing can fill that gaping hole between some player's heads. Personally I can hit 547 Defense without the SSG (found that out last night when we were short tanks and dps so I was asked to bring my tank gear and switch between DPS and Tanker on every other named it seemed like). But I'll tell ya, even with that much defense I'd still take the SSG over SS because of the impact it has on IBF and the health increase.

    But I'm also tanking in tier 7/7.5 Gear with 29k Unbuffed HP. Forgot how much I do enjoy tanking, so last night was a treat for me.

    Random thought - Ever had to PUG DPS that walked in with greens and some blues and did about 800 DPS per encounter? Think of it as now they're getting the tanks they deserve! (Sorry, small rant from my full time tanking days).