Monday, February 9, 2009

Sacrifical Ghoul in Heroic HoL

So we are trying to help our prot warrior build a DPS gear set for those fights we only need one tank and it make sense for me or our bear to tank it. He wants the Axe Lokken drops in heroic.

Our Holy Pally was AFK so we pugged in a tree to heal us. The tree had a couple heroic epics so we figured we should be fine. Especially since Dayrok(prot warrior), Marximo(combat rogue), and myself have run this and downed Lokken several times. We also have a guild Hunter(Linthia) in the group who hasn't had a ton of raid/heroic time but knows what she is doing.

We took the General charged to get Lin her achievement. Per DBM, it was the fastest kill on that boss I've ever done.

On to Volkan. Well maybe not. We didn't count on the Slags being a problem.

Our usual tactic is to allow whoever is tanking to run through all the slags and face pull aggro them. Once they are on the steps the tank will start applying threat. When rock does it, he thunderstomps on the steps, when I do it, I DnD there. In all the runs we have ever done we've never had problems with that.

First run in, druid puts a hot on rock half way through since he dropped to 95% health. About 20 slags came for the tree. He was only half way through. I dropped DnD on the three to save his ass which of course aggrod every thing on me in my DPS gear. No problem, pop Frost grab some heals and keep running for the stairs.

No heals.

The tree continued to HoT up the tank but didn't toss a single heal my way. Needless to say I went down and since we hadn't made the stairs yet the only other person with aggro on all my pissed off mobs was the healer. Guess who died next.

We explained the pull to the druid again, no heals until we are on the stairs on the other side.

Second try, as soon as the tank made the stairs, the druid put a heal on him. The druid was still in the middle and pulled aggro again. The rest of the scenario played out the same way.

Third try, we changed things up a bit. Instead of the tank running first which might scare the druid into healing we sent my ghoul.

So here's the DK tip of the day for Halls of Lightning. When you get to the slag pit, target a slag all the way over next to the stairs on the other side. Then send him in to attack. Wait 2 seconds and everyone else run to the stairs.

The ghoul will aggro everything on the way so the entire party can make the other side without any damage. As soon as the ghoul dies you will get bum rushed by a ton of slags. Have the tank pick them up and burn them down.

Sounds great on paper. Druid healed the ghoul since it was about to die and not everyone was across.

Fourth try, we convince the our pugged friend to not use any heals whatsoever until the tank has picked up the slags on the stairs. This time he didn't. He ran up the stairs and towards the side and aggro'd the elites there.

At this point we said we were done and all dropped group. Our pally was back from dinner so we reformed, used the ghoul trick on the slags and went on to get our hunter the shatter resistant and timely death achievements by one shotting everything else.

And the axe didn't drop.


  1. Finding a good pug person is a thing of beauty. I ran 2 instances the other day on my DK, Regular Gundrak & Regular UP.

    Grundrak was great, everyone knew what to do and did it. Great run.

    UP was a frustrating experience. The tank wouldn't wait for the healer to stop drinking and the healer wouldn't heal until he was completely full on mana.

    It was a battle of wills where every other person in the group was the loser.

  2. OMG, how frustrating! I can understand how difficult it is for a healer to NOT do what they're supposed to do, but still... Better luck next time on the Axe!

  3. That post was hilarious! Hilarious because I've been in groups that did at least one of all of those things at one time or another. But to have them happen in one run. So sorry, but I "laughed out loud" when the Treetard aggroed the elites on the stairs.

    My kingdom for a decent PUG!

  4. never thought of the ghoul trick but when we do HoL, everyone in party put /follow on the tank then tank runs, with party following

  5. That's annoying when Pugs can't use their brains. Maybe the druid hadn't instanced a lot before?

  6. @ Anon

    I will use the ghoul trick every time I go back in the future.

    @ All,

    Once we replaced the only pugged person (tree) we rocked the place. I know from playing a healer a few times that the first instinct is to heal when the tank is taking damage.

    I know I'm prone to make mistakes, but I try really hard to not make the same one consistently in a row.