Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scourge Event Sign Up

There seems to be some interest in the Scourge event, but to be honest it we need a lot more interest to truly make it worthwhile. 10 Death Knights doesn’t conjure feelings of dread in anyone. Two level 80’s of any class will come in and wipe us out.

For the event to work we need at least 30-40 people to express interest, more is even better. It’s not like a running of the bulls where everyone sets up a tauren and starts running. Before the event can even start, all the participants will have to complete the class introduction quests in their entirety. That means you will have to invest 2-3 hours in the event before we even start to organize.

I haven’t decided a date or time yet, but if you want to go ahead and start your event DK, roll Horde side on Nazjatar PvP. Y’all know I’m not big on PvP but an event like this will be a lot more fun if we have to worry about the opposing faction. Once we have enough baby Death Knights over there, it is just a matter of calling up the troops to go wreak some havoc.

When it comes time I will see if I can convince my guild to let us borrow our vent channel for awhile. I’m also hoping one or two of you have fraps. At the very least I think it would be cool to mount up in a big line of Death Knights a couple of rows deep and get a good screen shot for Around Azeroth ala Braveheart.

We will start our escapades in Tarren Mill. Activities will include a game of hot potato with the Mayor of Southshore. Rules are simple, Death Grip the mayor to you and try to hit him with a strike before someone DG’s him away from you. Who ever scores the killing blow wins.

Of course we will sack south shore while we are there.

Assuming the local alliance don’t roll out and lay waste to our raid, we will take a few minutes to ride to Elwynn Forest(have your hearthstone set for Stonard) for a Death Knight Hogger raid. This time, the goal will be for someone to kite hogger into my unholy blight. I of course will run all over the place and pop UB at random. Whoever gets Hogger pulled into my traps wins. However, if you kill hogger while pulling him around you will be penalized and force to solo Deadmines before being allowed back in the raid..

From there we will ride to Stormwind and make a beeline for the tram. Once in the tram we will head to Ironforge and whoever gets closest to the Dwarf King before they die wins. You are not allowed to run back to your corpse to improve your position. Essentially this will be a suicide mission at our level and hopefully we will be able to get a good screen shot of a bunch of bodies in Ironforge.

So that’s three contests and three winners. Since I don’t have anything vested in Nazjatar and it is likely most of you don’t either the winners will receive a writeup here at The Scourge. It will be a short Q & A with your primary Death Knight featured.

Signing up is as easy as rolling a Horde Death Knight on Nazjatar and leaving a comment with its name on this post. Once we have a good 30 or 40 I will post a date and time.


  1. I don't have an account here, but I am making my DK today, and will be there when you announce the date and time. I'll post my name when I create the toon.

  2. Ok... Have Female Orc DK... Ardath.

    Now to get her done with the intro quests...

  3. Omenscourge will be there of course.

    Between the original post and some email's I know there's over a dozen of you who have expressed interest, so c'mon and get your toon's name up here.

  4. I am anonynmous above. I have a female blood elf DK that is finished the starting zone and is parked in Silvermoon City awaiting the event notice. Her name is Kestrle

  5. Great I look forward to seeing Kestrle, now we just need a lot more.

  6. Ardath has been done with the starting quests and is parked in Org.