Friday, February 13, 2009

A Scourge Event

So I have an idea I've been kicking around and I want y'all input. I'm thinking about doing an event. The idea would be to get a full raid of 40 DK's at level 58 and stir up a ruckus.

Possible targets would be downing a fel reaver or going after an Alliance town or possibly even stormwind. At minus 25 levels to the king that might be a bit hard to pull off without some higher level assistance so we may focus on Southshore and see how long a group of 58's can hold it until the locals come in on their 80's and clean us up.

I'd feel sorry for the first ally that comes flagged into our raid and 40 DK's play hot potato with death grip. I say I'd feel sorry but I'll probably be too busy laughing.

So to pull this off we would need a lot of interest and some planning. First everyone who wants to come will have to roll a new DK and push it through the starter zone. Next we would have to set a time where the majority can make it.

If this sounds like a bit of diversionary fun to you, leave a comment saying you're in. If we get 20 to 30 comments real fast I'll start working on the logistics.


  1. sounds like fun, i could get my brother and nephew in on the raid.

  2. Make 'em all Orc Death Knights and proclaim "For the Legion!" when ya do it hehehe.

  3. Folks on Twitter are one step ahead of ya. See here -

    And yes, they're doing it on my server. Raid scheduled for tonight, loosely planned as AQ or something comparable.

  4. Well Grim guess you have two chances to have fun then.

    Not surprised someone else is/has done it. It's a take off of the old level 1 hogger raids.

    Come to think of it, 40 level 58 DK descending on Hogger would be funny to. Call it Overkill.

  5. I'd certainly be game if you wanted to do another one. Just let me know how/when and I'll be there.

  6. 40 DKs... that's 20 per team. Shirts Vs. Skins and you can only use Death Grip to move your "ball" down the field.

    That would be Hilarious!

    But what would be the ball, and what would be the field...

  7. I'm up for it. I missed BRK's Gnaked Gnome Race, and the one with the baby taurens...

  8. I'm down and I bet I can con 2-3 more people into it!