Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Servers are down, so Ask the Scourge

It's that time again. Blizz is doing some maintenance and supposedly dropping a small patch on us.

So I'm going to encourage everyone to ask their burning DK questions they have.

I may have the answer, I may not. If I don't I'll try to figure it out or find it. It may lead to a
new post such as the DK Profession post.

Later this afternoon I'll review the results of the spec interest poll.

In the meantime, what's on your mind?


  1. I went into Heroic Gundrak last night and was bottom dps for my group. I know my group is a very good group, but I'm wondering if 13-1400 dps is normal for a fresh 80 with gear that isn't the best.


    There's my armory if that helps.

  2. Based on your armory, better gear will go a long way towards more DPS. You have great hit rating but 2200 AP on a 156 dps weapon just won't smack the mobs around the way you want to.

    I'm not super familiar with Blood DPS builds but it appears you have one of the 3 blood builds recommended by EJ. It also states blood specs are highly gear dependent to push good damage.

    Here is the rotation they suggest using for your spec WHILE IN UNHOLY PRESENCE


    I capitalized the unholy presence because every other DPS spec I have ever seen is better off using blood presense.

    At the end of the day, if you are married to that spec I'd look to upgrade your gear as fast as possible. I would also look into as many STR and AP enchants you can get.

    Lastly, take advantage of your alchemy profesion and run with elixirs. Even the lower level Str ones will help.

  3. I've actually hard about blood being very gear dependent, and had thoughts about switching back to unholy dps. I had not heard about rolling in Unholy presence though, I usually go with Blood presence.

    My guild is currently running heroics to get frozen orbs to make my titansteel stuff, so I'm thinking that'll help a lot.

    Thanks for the tips.

  4. I know this isn't really about DK's but I'm going to ask anyway so that its in writing and both of us seem to have a horrible memory about this one subject LOL and I'll check g bank today too. I just can't remember what glyphs you said you'd make for Apollmyni to make her a kick arse Unholy dps machine.

  5. Thanks Lin, Just air my dirty laundry.

    Actually I'm glad you reminded me, I've completely forgotton. I believe I was going to make you a bone shield and scourge strike glyph.

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  7. Nvm servers are down for extended maintenance BOOOO!