Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sixth Pic

If you read a number of WoW blogs you may have noticed the bloggers are having a game where they post the 6th picture of their 6th folder and discuss it.

Well I've been tagged by TGAP George over at I'm Tanking What?

So without further ado...

That's me as a bear getting ready for my guilds first ever attempt on Nightbane. I'd like to say it was successful but I'd be lying. Outside of Real Life forcing my Co-Tank and Co-Raid Leader I still run with most of them. The members were:

Uruz - Prot warrior, my co-tank and co-raidleader. He renamed his toon for wrath but after our first run in Naxx had real life come up and he's not playing these days.

Marxihunt - Was one of our top hunters back in T4 and is now our go to rogue Marximo.

Suzysunshine - An affliction lock that went from 300dps to over 1000 by constantly studying her toon. She now plays our awesome pally healer Lampost.

Aupoirve - Resto shammy came out of retirement briefly to help me kill Onyxia as posted here. He now plays Beercan who goes back and forth between Feral and Boomkin.

Verna - Holy Priest that is level 80 in Chaos these days. RL has also impacted her ability to raid so when she is on she mostly focuses on leveling an alt.

Kahlamnel - Arcane mage who was the source of our Kara team's nickname "Sacrificial Mage" Since Kahl and Verna are married he is dealing with the same RL issues. Both of them have ready spots and promises to be geared up when they have time to come back.

Bearcatomen - this was my feral bear seen in the picture. Bearcat is now level 71 and specced into tree and just doesn't see much action.

Ishidu - was our other top hunter and remains with the guild we were all part of then. He did fill a spot for us recently on an OS 10 kill.

Bighappy - another hunter from our guild back then. I still bump into him in Dalaran on occasion and have done the occasional group quest together while leveling in wrath.

Teutates - feral druid who is still guilded with Ishidu and Bighappy. Tater had to take some time off from WoW for RL issues and I haven't seen him in awhile.

So my sixth picture is a walk down memory lane and reminds me why I choose to be in a small guild over a big one. I can remember the folks I've raided with because they are my friends. If you asked me to name the folks I hit SSC with I could give you 6 or 7 and half of them were just mentioned in this post.


  1. Who did you tag? Heh, and what does "TPA" mean?

    That's a great pic. Full of action and impending destruction. Did you plan it like that or get lucky?

  2. The pic was planned in as much as I hit my UI to take it and I spammed my screen shot button a few times. That was the only one I kept pre fight.

    As for who I tagged, I haven't yet. I have a few ideas but I got called away.

    One of the hazzards of blogging with a 3 year old climbing on you is that you don't always finish what you start and inevitably you misspell peoples names. I had to correct a guildies too.