Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Small Milestone

This is my 101st post. The Mish Mash report of my recent activities was number 100. In the two months and six days it has taken me to write 100 posts I've been visited over 13,000 times.

BRK probably gets that in a day or two.

That's OK, I know there are a little over 50 of y'all who visit me every day and I can only assume you find my ramblings entertaining and informative.

On average each visitor checks out 1.7 pages and stays for nearly 3 minutes.

The most popular entries I've made continue to be my talent spec discussion, professions, consumables, tanking primer, and being uncritable. Basically everything I've called out on the right.

I have also had 123 comments in that time. Though that number is inflated by me replying to what y'all have to say. Including Matticus accusing me of coining the term Deathtard. I will take no credit for that, however I may have helped popularize it :)

When I think back to my first post, my goal was to give Death Knights a voice and help demonstrate that we are capable of being more than the fad of the month and not everyone is a Deathtard. Since that time, warcraft realms has seen another 200,000 DKs join the ranks. And a ton of us have dinged 80. In fact nearly 300 thousand more of us and we are the most populous class at level 80.

We also made it through the 3.08 "nerf" fairly well. I still see DK's topping damage meters on a regular basis and believe we will continue to hold our own in 3.1.

So here's looking forward to the next 100 posts, may you find them entertaining and informative and worth coming back for.


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  1. It's posters like you and DeeKow who help give us legitimacy. You guys prove that a well played DK is a viable guild/raid member.

    Thank you for that.