Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Writer's Block

Other than chasing the AH for a few minutes on Friday and Saturday I haven't been in game much. No way in hell I wanted to tank wife aggro for playing on Valentines.

In the 15-20 minutes at a time I can play I've figured out the most lucrative fishing to do while leveling. I had been using baubles to fish in the highest zone I could to support leveling my cooking. But now my fishing is at 340 and cooking around 430. It will be a long time until the fish I catch will grant skill ups in cooking and by then I'll be capped.

So I fish in the pool just outside the portal in Wailing Caverns. For some reason a lot of people like to pretend to be pirates. At a 22% drop rate Deviate Fish sell for about 75 silver per on my server. I get about 8 per 10 minutes which works out to around 35g an hour. I figure if you're gonna waste time fishing you might as well make some money out of it.

I've also decided high end cooking has one of the best arbitrages in the game. I can buy 15 bonescale snapper for about 10g and sell the 5 snapper extreme for 30g. The trick is stock piling spices but the cooking dailies usually take 5 minutes to do, get 4-5 spices, and grant 9 gold. All told, its like someone giving you 30g a day for 5 minutes of work just because you leveled cooking.

Changing gears, I'm looking through my screen shots over the past year or so. I've always heard healers complain that all they ever see are feet and bars while raiding. Here is what I saw for a year tanking as a feral bear.

I don't miss looking at that furry backside. At best when not backed against a wall I would be able to see a bit more.

This just looks so much better.

This also reminds me I need to remember to take more action screen shots. I inevitably forget to mid fight.

Well it looks like I pushed through my writers block by forcing something on paper.

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