Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tanking Naxx in the PTR

So we got a pug together for about an hour in Naxx. I co tanked with a DW Blood tank. Laugh now, but his gear was so sweet it made my cry.

I used my Unholy 10/11/50 spec to get a feel for it. I have to say I feel lost without my ICE Hud. I went so far as to move my portrait right under me so I have some indication of what runes and RP I have available. I still had a hard time seeing if and when my diseases were up. I know that contributed to lower DPS and TPS.

Even so I ranged between 4,000 TPS up to 6,000 on occasion and was able to hold of some seriously hard hitting DPS. Out of the 8 of us in raid I was clearly the least geared. The majority of them were in 4/5 T7.5 and many had titles that indicated they downed Sarth 3D or at the least cleared Malygos.

My DPS is down about 25% from my hybrid spec I typically use on live but that isn't a huge concern while tanking so long as the threat is there. The healers didn't have any trouble keeping me up and I only used lichborne to see what it looked like.

What it does tell me is that 10/11/50 will be a viable Tank Spec. I'll need some time to parse my recount to determine if I need to change up the talent selections some.

And of course just to remind me nothing will stick with my toon a drop I want fell off of Patch.

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