Friday, February 27, 2009

Top 10 Reasons the PTR Sucks

I'll be the first to admit. I was not ready for the PTR. The issues caused by Blizzard are the easiest to deal with. I'd hate to see what Big Bear Butt would have to say about the asshats.

So here are my top 10 reasons the PTR sucks.

10. Hey I'm on the PTR, nvm it just crashed
9. Hope you like the default UI, because yours won't work
8. If you personally can't double for Fort Knox, don't plan on buying anything
7. People who are there only to flex their epeen
6. Raids will disband after one bad pull, even when no one dies
5. Players decide that they are too good and don't follow simple instructions (Don't beat on the damn gargoyles when they are stoneskinned)
4. Test Forum QQ
3. Ebon Plaguebringer stacking is still bugged
2. Asshats galore
1. My friends can't make it past the copy queue

If you plan on copying a toon to the PTR I highly recommend you ask your guild to loan you its bank contents for consumables, mats, and gold before you copy over. Then copy your toon twice to double that up.

Bring as many of your friends as you can and tons of patience. Dealing with the bugs and crashes will try Mother Theresa's calm. Throw in all the nastiness and it can get unpleasant.

Hang in there though. You will find a few diamonds in the rough. There are good people there and there are bugs with the talents, dual specs, new UI improvements and there are plenty of opportunities for quality feedback to make the game even more fun.

Finally, have a plan for being there. Mine is to test a dedicated tank and DPS spec. So far Unholy hasn't changed much from live and from a DPS perspective swapping Gargoyle and Unholy Blight doesn't have a huge impact.


  1. Hey Omen I love your blog! I am DK unholy tank too, trying to get Immortal before its impossible in 3.1 (almost did it last time...) But I have a few questions: Now when they buffed Outbrake to give +30% to Scourge Strike and buffed the Scourge Strike itself, what would be its damage, and more importantly threat, with about 4,5k attack power (tank gear, buffed)? Is this viable 3.1 tank spec?

    What about Plague strike? It seems to me that they overbuffed it... with Glyph of Plague strike, Outbrake... how much DMG it does? its seems to like 2-3k, eh?

    Thanks for answers, Umrtvovacz of Thunderhorn, EU

  2. @ Umrtvovacz

    My Scourge Strikes hit about 40% harder on the PTR compared to live. Thats with around 3300 AP on the test dummy. I would not be surprised with your gear if your SS hit 30% harder than they are now.

    My average PS (Blended hit & Crit) were popping for 1700 now. With your AP they should easily clear 2,000 but I would not be surprised if they get nerfed some.

    The spec you linked appears to be a pure DPS spec. It doesn't have any of the mitigation talents.

    Good luck with your Immortal attempts.

  3. I see, i didn't saved that talent calculator after I was playing with my DPS spec :-) Tank spec is this:
    And thanks for Your great job, Your blog is always first I check! /wave

  4. @ Umrtvovacz

    It appears that you are trying to maximize your DPS while tanking.

    There are three talents I personally wouldn't take.

    Unholy Command doesn't add to your threat in any way. So far in Naxx, I haven't had issue with the 35 second cooldown and if I need to pull at range mid fight for adds, I'd probably drop a DnD on the mob.

    On a Pale Horse is entirely worthless for tanking and dps at the moment. While it is possible more mobs in Ulduar may have stuns and fears you are only buying 1 to 2 seconds with those talents.

    I also think epidemic is not as valuable after 3.1. Between a scourge strike glyph and the pestilence glyph you shouldn't have issues keeping your diseases up.

    I'd take those 6 points and put 4 in necrosis and 2 in dirge. You will want the extra RP to keep unholy blight up at all times and spam rune strikes. And necrosis will add to your single target threat substantially.

    I am also assuming you plan to use your Ghoul to assist raid DPS while tanking. Otherwise, I'd pull the points out of ravenous dead, master of ghouls, and night of the dead and push for the extra mitigation Lichborne has to offer.

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  6. Thanks, Scorge, thats perfect advice! I will sure try this. We need more good DKs like you (DKs have bad name ATM...)


  7. BTW I have On a Pale Horse because I am lazy, as it makes my ground mount run at 140% and flying at 356% and shorts traveling a lot.

  8. And I really need shorter CD on DG because of Malygos, otherwise the sparks ruin us all! :-D

  9. Hm... sorry for so much small posts, but after some thinking I realized We will have dual specs anyway, so I can swap to my fast-o-mount every time I want, so my tanking spec should look somethink like this:

    Thanks for great hints!