Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unholy Tank Spec patch 3.1 take 1

This is the first pass I am making at an Unholy tank spec for 3.1 on the PTR. I have not had the chance to tank anything with it yet but I will list out the talents selected nonetheless.

Blade Barrier 5 points
Bladed Armor 5 points

Toughness 5 points
Improved Icy Touch 3 points
Icy Reach 2 points
Lichborne 1 point

Anticipation 5 points
Vicious Strikes 2 points
Morbidity 3 points
Outbreak 3 points
Necrosis 5 points
Blood Caked Blade 3 points
Unholy Blight 1 point
Impurity 5 points
Dirge 2 points
Magic Suppression 3 points
Reaping 3 points
Anti-Magic Zone 1 point
Improved Unholy Presence 1 point
Crypt Fever 3 points
Bone Shield 1 point
Ebon Plaguebringer 3 points
Scourge Strike 1 point
Rage of Rivendare 5 points

Outside of the extra mitigation talents in Frost I tried to pick up singe target threat talents to round out the dedicated spec. Hopefully I'll get a test run in sometime tomorrow.


  1. I believe you outlined only 45 points in Unholy. Where are you placing the other 5? :)

  2. Im wondering if this spec has proved worthwhile for tanking in Naxx. Thanks

  3. @ Anon,

    I used this spec on my naxx run I posted about in Tanking Naxx in the PTR.

    I was pleased with it's performance. I was clearly outgeared but was able to maintain sufficient threat on Patch to let the DPS go all out.

    I was also told I was easy to heal.

  4. whats ur Rotation for this specc ?

  5. can you tell us what your glyphs are?

  6. Something to consider regarding this spec.....

    When I put it together Lichborne still gave a chance to be missed.

    Without that mitigation talent and no comprable talent within reach I would take the point out of lichborne and icy reach and put two points in 2h specilization and 1 point in dark conviction to increase my threat output.