Thursday, March 12, 2009

And now for something completely different, Blood Tanking

Since I needed to respec tank, and most the raiding DK's in my new guild are unholy I decided to spec blood to tank. I went with the live version of my PTR Blood Tank spec.

So far all I've had to test it on was a mount run in Heroic CoS. My biggest fear would be holding AOE aggro and to make it worse, one of the best DPS locks I've seen from my new guild came along.

Talk about a threat test.

I even had the pally put might on me instead of kings. I saw this lock throw 4500 DPS the other night so I knew it was going to be rough. Especially without impurity or unholy blight to juice up the AOE threat.

Here's my overall damage breakdown.

With all the AOE trash pulls DnD on top is no surprise. HS and RS were absolute staples. However, with all the AOE I need to get in the habit of using blood boil, especially when 3.1 hits.

Overall by DPS was 1655 which equates to 3,144+ TPS. The DnD and RS would bring that average higher. The threat is not as consistent as it is with Unholy. It is much more dependent on strikes than disease damage or DnD so it varied a lot. I spiked to 5k several times but barely had 1k at times as well.

Mitigation wise I feel the absence of Bone Shield with this spec. That lead me to using the rare health potion a couple times. I'm not about to say blood is squishy. I didn't stay on top of my cooldowns. I never used IBF and I think I remembered vampiric blood twice and rune tap 4 times the entire run.

They only concern I have prior to 3.1 is snap AOE aggro. As unholy I would have blight up the entire time you do the gauntlet after the third boss on the way to getting the mount if you beat the timer. Towards the end of the gauntlet the last pack of adds aggrod on us and my runes, DnD, and empower rune blade were all on cooldown. 4 mobs aggrod and ganked the healer.

When 3.1 hits that won't be an issue since you can hit blood boil to pick them up. Just something to watch out for in the mean time.

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