Monday, March 16, 2009

Another step in the chain

Since I won't be raiding again until tomorrow I'm going to abuse my power and continue to regale you with my quest to solo the entire Kara key chain and all keys and attunements required.

This afternoon I went into Botanica. I need it and Mechenar to get my Arcatraz key. My memory tells me that Bot was one of those instances I liked to avoid since it usually took forever.

I went in with my tank gear on in frost presence. At 1600+ DPS I had the firepower, but the real beauty is by keeping my diseases up on all the mobs and death strikes I had virtually no down time.

The only two bosses that posed any hardship, though not much, were Laj and the Warp Splinter. Laj summoned a lot of flowers that were out of my AOE range. I decided I needed to seriously up my DPS so I called the Army out and essentially put round up on the weed and was done with it.

The only issue Warp Splinter caused was also with his adds. I wanted to maximize the time between his heals with the adds so I kited him around his room.

He was still getting his heals but I was doing more damage between them than he was healing himself for. I was also maintaining my health so it was just a matter of time before he dropped.

There's a side benefit from soloing these as well. My alternative activity in the afternoons is pug or farm. I looted 86g and vendored another 65g between boss drops and vendor trash. I also walked out with 8 greens to DE, 4 stacks of netherweave, and 16 sunfury signets. Surprisingly my Auctioneer tells me I can expect another 75g from selling that crap. Not bad for 45 min and a lot more fun than fishing.

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