Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chaining Cooldowns

I've been out of touch the past few days with the folks coming to visit, my better half being sick, and watching the progeny go apeshit with grand parents in town.

Doesn't mean I don't have any thoughts on the DK changes announced on the PTR. A lot of our tanking Oh Shit buttons got beat up by the nerf bat.

Wanna know why?

Cooldown Chaining.

If you had been following the PTR forums there was some substantial tank testing done with a patchwerk like boss that increased its damage continuously and attacked every second. With proper usage of cooldowns and will of the necropolis the DK tank lasted way longer than the other classes.

A couple months ago I suggested you can keep your healers happy by actively managing your defensive cooldowns. This was taken to the extreme.

Now Bone Shiled has a 2 minute timer and Blade Barried was modified so it will be effectively impossible to stack enough avoidence to keep BS up 100% of the time. Lichborne has been modified, Vampiric Blood, and Unbreakable armor have been hit.

What this means is, we can no longer ensure we have a defensive cooldown up at all times. We actually have to use them for their purpose, Oh Shit moments and boss enrages at the end of the fights.

From a tactical standpoint, look to stack cooldowns instead of chain them. Boss gonna dish out 20,000 DPS to the tank in plate for 30 seconds, pop everything and ride it out.

Other changes I like. A lot of you will be unhappy with a 10 second howling blast that does its full damage again. I like it as a snap aoe aggro generator for when adds spawn.

Other changes appear to be focused on evening out the damage we do and make it lest bursty. This will upset our PvP friends but in the long run will be fine for PvE, both as DPS and TPS.


  1. wait a tick? you other half is pregnant? CONGRATS man :)

  2. Lin,

    Think you misread a little. The level 3 rogue I already have had a lot of fun with his grandparents :)

  3. Don't forget Blood Boil damage has been increases, hopefully they add an extra threat component to it, this will be a stop-gap when Howling Blast is on CD and adds spawn.