Friday, March 20, 2009

Closer to Kara and other fun stuff

Of course I forgot to send my screen shots so no pretty pics today.

I have one more step before I get my Kara key. Black Morass. Yesterday afternoon between fishing to restock my dragonfin fillet I ran Old Hillsbrad. Gotta say, other than the annoying first half this was the easiest dungeon to solo on the chain.

Why annoying?

When you are clearing and burning the shelters the guards do two things that annoy the crap out of me. They run, and they scattershot.

The running is annoying since you it takes more time to loot them since they aren't piled up at your feet.

The scattershot is 3 seconds where you can't do crap. Usually it comes the same time I want to mind freeze the warden to prevent its heals. Speaking of mind freeze, it works on Kel Thuzzad's frost bolts in Naxx.

Once you get to Thrall the rest is easy. Just remember to death grip the casters to you in the waves before Epoch and you're good as done.

I also ran some of our mid 60's alts through Slave Pens. Make sure you keep your health within a runic healing potion from full health so you can clear Rokmar's DoT on you when you drop him. Other than that real easy place.

Last AN heroic was a little buggy on Anub. When he would resurface he would run directly away from me. Guess he was scared. Omen showed I had aggro, target of target showed I had aggro but he wouldn't let me tank him properly. This also meant I had no control over which was he was facing for the pounds. Not to mention his pounds were hitting with the castbar only being half full.

Made the fight a little harder but we still scored the kill.


  1. Had the same thing happen to me last week in AN. Wierdest thing, I'm tanking my lil behind off and he pops back up after a nice long burrow, I hit him with my Hand of Reckoning (pally lurker on a DK blog lawl) and he heads right off to the right hand side of the circle where my healer is. Like you I am THE MAN on the omen chart and his TT was ofc me... wierd just really wierd. I may serve the light but you go ahead and suffer well ;D

  2. @ Anon,

    I accept lurkers of all classes, since I have an alt in each class :)

    It's not the first time I've seen it. What really miffs me is he is usually turned in towards the circle when it happens and the pounds one shot all the clothies.

  3. Black Morass is an absolute blast solo! I recently did the Kara key chain on my DK and, without a doubt, solo BM pushed my abilities. It made me think and react more than most content I've solo'd (MC, ZG, Ony).