Monday, March 9, 2009

Evolution of Personal Professions

I've noticed something I do with all my main toons over the years. My profession choices go through three stages.

Each stage is all about getting the most for my toon with the least amount of effort.

Stage 1 - Gathering the Gold.

This stage is characterized by two gathering professions. I always take skinning and depending on the server economy will take mining or herbing to go with it. The goal is to maximize earnings while developing the toon. For my DK, I took Herb since there would be tons of new scribes. I know a lot of new DKs picked up JC and or BS, but all classes went inscription and herb prices were through the roof. Skinning is just extra income on kills.

I do not bank mats for later use, I sell them at the highest possible price I can get. It makes more sense to buy everything you need on the AH and focus on the easiest method you have for making gold.

This stage lasts until I have epic flight on the toon as well as all the epic craftables I reasonably plan on getting.

Stage 2 - Bang for the Buck.

Once I've covered my big ticket items I look for a crafting profession to replace skinning with. My criteria are ease and cost of powerleveling and immediate value to the toon. For Scourge that meant Inscription. Since I still had tons of Sons of Hodir rep to farm I knew I would get the most value out of the shoulder enchants for tanking and dps. Not to mention I could still make some good money buying cheap northrend and lower herbs to create glyphs while selling the icethorn I was herbing on the AH.

Stage 3 - Optimizing your choices.

Once you have one crafting profession up and running its time to save up and determine which additional crafting profession will add the most to your toon. For Death Knights, jewelcrafting has a minimal edge on most the other profession due to Str scaling better than straight AP. So over the weekend I dropped about 4,000g and powered my JC up after dropping herbing.

Net result, I have best in slot shoulder enchants for both roles. 3 27 strength gems in my DPS gear along with one of the better DPS trinkets replacing my meteor whetstone. And soon I will have 3 41 stam gems for my tank set, also upgrading one of my weaker tanking trinkets along the way.

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  1. I never switch. I pick what I'm going to have and stick with it. I'm not a bleeding edge raider, so people don't require me to maximize my stats.

    In fact, for my small guild, the contribution I can make with my herbalism/Alchemy on my DK probably outweighs the contribution I'd give with having inscription/JC for the buffs.

    Same with Blacksmithing/Mining on my Warrior, although the mining 50 stam is very nice for tanking.