Friday, March 20, 2009

Featured Death Knight - Deekow

Deekow was the first to fill out my questionaire. Since he's an entertaining blogger I figured I'd feature him. So if you want to be featured next week, fill out the form and I'll pick the most entertaining one and get you posted.

First let me say its nice to see you back in action again Deekow. I look forward to what's next with your blog.

If you happen to be on Runetotem Horde side /who Deekow and tell him hello.

At the time of this writing Deekow has a whopping 4,265 achievement points and is sporting a 0/31/40 dual wield build. You also won't find a nicer collection of gear than what he has. Epic may be achieved but its truly impressive.

Prior to rolling DK two weeks after Wrath Deekow could be found leveling his hunter to 55. He claims to have really liked his hunter but "The Death Knight is everything I wanted a character class to be."

I got a kick out of his answer on being a deathtard. "I seem to screw up spark duty the first attempt any given week on Malygos. Second attempt onward, I'm golden though." Now I've yet to see Malygos myself, but I'm told there is a good macro to help with that on wowwiki.

/tar Power Spark
/stopmacro [target=focus, noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Death Grip

I like to (raid, pvp, instance, solo, etc) Please provide details.

Raid and instance. I'm a social player as it is, and the fact that I can bring Deekow to the party and tank or dps as needed, even swap on the fly, means I'm playing exactly the class I want, having fun the whole time. And raiding, well... I'm new to WoW raiding and it's entirely different from what I was used to with EQ in years past. In some ways, WoW has dumbed down raiding, especially when you look at seriously involved lore and scripts like you had with EQ Planes of Power and such. But, it's also much faster paced, which I can entirely appreciate, and no matter where you raid, there's NOTHING like the feel of pulling off the seemingly-impossible with 24 of your closest friends. Nothing in gaming anywhere will come close to the feeling of Sarth 3D the first time, for example. 3 Weeks later and I'm still buzzing from that when I think about it.

What are you most proud of with your Death Knight?

Earning my place with the J!NX raid team. J!NX is a big name and kind of intimidating, but the raid team is really just a bunch of raiders with individual goals and personalities. As a newer raider, I had more of an uphill challenge than I think most other raiders do; but, I think I'm also a good gutcheck and example of why EVERYONE should bring their A-game (research fights, know your class, bring consumables)... if I'm doing it as a self-proclaimed scrub, there's no excuse for anyone else. There are certainly many better players than I am, but I've proven I'm an asset rather than a liability, to be sure. We're a newer raid guild as well and it's fraggin' awesome to be a part of that guild getting where we are today. Man... I raid with J!NX, how fucking cool is that?

Dekow's blog is linked at the top of this post as well as in my blogroll, it's good reading, entertaining, and something you should go check out.

Now don't feel you have to be an Uber raider like the Kow is to be featured. You don't have to be a blogger either. If you are having fun with your DK and have a cool story of something you did that works great too. If you're level 58 fresh out of starter, the PvP king, or just can't survive the first boss of a heroic you're toon is still worth being featured.


  1. You said:
    "Now don't feel you have to be an Uber raider like the Kow is to be featured. You don't have to be a blogger either. If you are having fun with your DK and have a cool story of something you did that works great too."

    Nothing is more true. Seriously, I never intended to be a raider, or a blogger, and it was the pure fun of it all that got things going for me. It totally opened up WoW for me in a way I never expected.

    Thanks for the spotlight and keep rockin' the DK blogs, man!

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