Thursday, March 26, 2009

Featured Death Knight - Mundien

This weeks Featured DK is Mundien of Spirestone. He's an Unholy Troll Tank still getting geared up for Heroics with his friends. His biggest problem, you can't play WoW while deployed at Sea.

Mundien is in the Navy and life shipboard isn't conducive to doing anything other than reading the webs. Therefore his play time is limited to days in port.

When Mundien is available to play I'd recommend running dungeons with a Wyrmrest tabbard on. As he gets honored and eventually revered with them they have 3 solid tanking peices that will last him well into heroics and even Naxx. Regular Halls of Lightning will be a good place to start. If Loken can be convinced to give up his trinket Mundien will be well on his way to getting the 689 defense rating needed for raids when he's back this summer.

What was your former main? I raided on my undead lock, Mundin, formerly of Team Cartel on Dunemaul Through the second half or so of BC, and back in Vanilla WoW days, I was a dwarf Healadin with positively mediocre gear in a guild called Not in the Face on Gorgonnash (also named Mundin).

How does your DK compare to your former main? The DK is pretty much exactly the class I’ve been waiting for. I love the lock, and the pally was fun, and I enjoyed my warrior for the little bit I played him, but I always wanted something that I viewed as kind of a mix of the three. The other classes never really appealed to me. The DK is almost TOO much fun.

I have to agree with this. My lock was fun and so was my bear, but the DK really combines some of their playstyles quite well.

My least favorite thing about DK's is ....... the stuff I’m seeing on the PTR reports, I don’t know how fun it’s going to be when I get another chance to play. I’m optimistic, but I’m also seriously considering going back to the lock for a while. That nerf bat can hit pretty hard.

I honestly believe we will come out of 3.1 in decent shape. The tanking nerfs won't be fun but I don't feel they are game breakers for us. Both blood and Unholy will have viable tank specs. I can't say much for frost since I still haven't done much with that tree outside of dual wielding.

What are you most proud of with your Death Knight? The fact that he was 73 when I left for deployment, and through a few port visits on really spotty internet in several different countries, he’s now 80 and not terribly far off from heroics…I know he’s got SSG, but give me a break, I don’t have much choice right now :P

Not only will I give you a break on using SSG, I'll suggest you are the prime example of when and how to use it. SSG provides the bridge required to get uncritable and makes gearing up much easier. Keep rocking the instances while in port and I have no doubt that you'll make a fine tank when you can dedicate the time to it.

So for all of you on Spirestone, give Mundien a /Salute when you see him. He's out there doing the work that allows us to have fun back here.

/salute Mundien

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  1. Bravo Zulu, Mundien!

    May you have fair winds, and following seas!

  2. you dont need 686 to tank raids lolo

  3. @ Anon,

    You may notice the 689 is defense rating which equates to 540 defense.

  4. 540 def for tanking raids...otherwise woot and my salute to you from a fellow military man. OORAH and Semper Fidelis

  5. It appears that some of you are confused between Defense Rating and Defense Skill.

    You need 540 defense to be uncritable in raids. You can acheive this with 689 defense rating.

    Critical Hit immunity for a level 80 player against a raid boss occurs at 540 Defense and requires a defense skill of 140 (689 +def rating) from gear to achieve.

  6. You should definately try frost spec. it's fun for me but i assume tanking is fun too as long as your defense rating is high enough.


  7. Hooyah fellow tank and sailor! Keep the faith, my man, you'll be back on WoW before you know it.