Friday, March 20, 2009

Featured Death Knight of the Week

I'm toying with another idea for a regular feature. My Ask the Scourge hasn't played out as well as I'd like. So here's my idea. I have a form as part of this post. Copy paste it into an email to me at
o m e n s c o u r g e @ g m a i l . c o m and fill out the questions.

Once a week I'll select an entry based on whatever criteria grabs my attention. I'll then write a blog post about the player and their answers. Whenever possible I'll use your own words as well.

The armory link won't be posted, it will just save me some time in looking stuff up. I may also email back a few questions based on your answers.

Death Knight Name & Server:

Armory Link:

Screen shot:

When did you roll your DK?

What was your former main?

How does your DK compare to your former main?

I was called OP because I ........

I was called a Deathtard because I ........

My favorite thing about DK's is.......

My least favorite thing about DK's is .......

I like to (raid, pvp, instance, solo, etc) Please provide details.

My favorite tree is...

I prefer to DPS/Tank/Both

What are you most proud of with your Death Knight?

If I could change one thing about the class I would change......

Anything else about your Death Knight we should know?

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