Sunday, March 22, 2009

Foul Trouble

I'm personally a Football fan. But my Alma Mater is in the big dance. They were also highly seeded and was carrying a 15 point lead in the second round just before the half. With 3 minutes left we are behind by one because we've given up 26 points in Free Throws.

Foul trouble is costing us the game.

OK Scourge what does this have to do with raiding?

Fair question.

Every time you make a mistake it's like a foul.

Pull aggro off the tank and at best the raid needs to reposition. At worst you just got ganked.

Miss a taunt, foul.

Violate Raid Rule 1B and die because you stood in the shit that kills you, foul.

Snipe a heal, foul.

AOE a CC target, foul.

Some fouls are more egregious than others. Anything that gets the main tank killed will generally lead to a wipe.

But enough of the little fouls will wipe you as well. They add up. Every time a DPS dies that puts more pressure on the healers and brings you that much closer to the enrage timer.

You can take action to foul less. Stack your stats properly. Make sure you have the right gear, chants, gems, consumables. Practice your techniques in heroics. Listen to your raid leader.

The point is, don't sweat one or two small mistakes. But if all 25 players are making one or two its going to be a long night of wipes. From a raid leaders perspective, sometimes you just have to bench a player that commits too many fouls.

5 seconds left and my team has a 2 point lead. But we just dropped a couple free throws and have to go back on D. We were heavy favorites in the game and just may prove that over matching your opponent, or over gearing the raid may allow sloppy play to not ruin the night.

Surviving foul trouble on Sarth + 0 when over geared happens. If its Sarth + 3 you just can't afford to commit the fouls.

Missouri pulled it out and beat Marquette 83 v 79 and moves on the the sweet 16. Now we have a few days to regroup and clean up our play.

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  1. I had a very foul day yesterday. It doesn't help my cause any that more often then not, seeing these bosses is a first for me, and the fight has to be explained. Sometimes the explanation is clearcut (Raz, 4 Horseman) ...sometimes it's not (Safety Dance, Grob). I've yet to safety dance successfully (next time will be the 4th encounter with that boss), and I can safely say I wiped the raid on Grob because I didn't grasp where I was supposed to be going.

    My point - should fouls be fouls be improved upon to limit their occurance? Sure...but we are all human, and we will undoubtedly screw up *somewhere* despite our best efforts.