Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun night out

Nothing exciting was going on so several of us friends decided to run the daily heroic UK last night. Ordinarily there would be nothing of note from that place. What made it more entertaining is I tanked it in a full DPS 17/0/54 spec.

With my tank gear I was uncritable of course and still had 30k health unbuffed with 26k armor nd 34% avoidance. Needless to say that was still more than enough to handle the place. Not to mention we all have raid experience.

Ingvar only got one dark smash off before we dropped him. The extra 500 DPS I brought to the table really sped the place up.

We also do this for out alts on occasion. We did a regular UK 4 man with an Enhance Shammy as the "tank" a hunter kitty as off tank, my boomkin and a holy pally. Since the shammy didn't really have any aoe aggro tools beyond pulling with a chain lightning we used lots of CC. I'd root melee toons and the hunter would range ice trap casters.

So remember raiding is srs bsnss but kick back and have some fun on occasion.

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  1. I can relate to this... During BC, I once main tanked heroic Blood Furnace on my Rogue... me and my group hadn't originally planned to, but we knew no tanks that were on or not locked already. So with me, another rogue, a hunter, a resto druid, and a scrub hunter that left after second boss event because he kept dying (Wasn't using feign death) and was replaced by a mage. Full clear... after finishing the whole second boss event, which we downed on the first try in spite of believing that it was gonna be the fight that would stop us, the other rogue was like "Shit, I didn't have FRAPS running!" It was fun as hell.