Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gear Problems

Sooner or later everyone realizes one or two pieces of gear are in need of serious upgrade. For me, it is my tanking shoulders and tanking cloak.

Currently I'm sporting the Pauldrons of Reconnaissance from Halls of Stone. I've been wearing these to tank with since late November. My upgrade options aren't great either.

There's Abomination Shoulderblades from Patch 10, but he only gives those up for me on the PTR.

Burdened Shoulderplates and Pauldrons of Unnatural Death both drop in Naxx 25. I may have a shot at these now that I changed guilds. Problem is, it will take a bit before I get priority in the EPGP system we use. However, most of the other tanks may not need these.

I also have 6 heroic emblems right now, 69 more or the tier piece from Loatheb or Gluth and I can get my T 7.5 Shoulders. There's also the 10 man version but I haven't had much luck with those either.

My last shoulder option is Wapach's Spaulders of Solidarity. I may get lucky and see these drop, but then again even if they do I'll have to roll against everyone and their mother since they sell for ten grand a pop on my server.

As for cloaks, I'm in much the same boat. I've been wearing the Wyrmrest rep piece since November as well. Here I only have 5 options and three of them require 25 man raids and my luck sucks on the other two.

Personally, I plan on taking luck out of the equation and saving my emblems for Platinum Mesh Cloak.

To offset the expected reduction in defense rating between 13 and 20 rating I'm sitting on a +27 defense JC gem so I can change out without any issues. Now I just need a bunch of emblems or luck and I'm good.

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